Integration with foreUP’s suite of golf course management solutions offers in-depth insight into how operators can run a more efficient and profitable business. 

ORLANDO, Fla. – March 16, 2021 ProfitSword, a premier developer of business intelligence and data integration software, has announced an integration of its solutions with foreUP, a leading comprehensive provider of golf course management technology. Now compatible with foreUP’s point-of-sale module, the ProfitSword integration ensures that golf course operators can readily access real-time performance analytics that can lead to more streamlined operations while identifying opportunities to maximize revenue.

A software provider that serves the needs of all golf course business types and sizes, foreUP’s partnership with ProfitSword is especially beneficial for multi-course, semi-private, municipality, or resort-based operations. Through the integration, such businesses can instantly sync all daily POS transaction data generated within foreUP’s modules which is then automatically made available via the ProfitSword dashboard for effortless analysis. Metrics can be either combined or segmented based on specific needs, but always with the granular detail needed to identify performance or budget patterns. This ensures that operators can always accurately forecast upcoming expenses or service demand to adjust business plans and fees accordingly.

“ProfitSword’s integration with our golf business tools will give courses using our systems added transparency for making better decisions for their business,” says Brendon Beebe, CTO of foreUP. “Having a tool that makes it so easy to identify, gather, and understand this data is a real value to busy course operators.”


Other unique ProfitSword advantages now available to golf course operators also include the ability to assign various levels of data access depending on specific employee roles. This feature further streamlines data gathering and analyzing processes by only sharing metrics that are relevant to an employee’s specific responsibilities. Also able to provide  advanced reporting functionality, ProfitSword can equip employees with the ability to schedule automated performance updates on a preset basis that can be accessed either through the user dashboard or by email. Providing golf course operators with even an even greater opportunity to swiftly respond to fluctuations in business performance is Profitsword’s cutting-edge machine-learning capabilities. Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, the ProfitSword platform can instantly identify any sudden shifts by comparing real-time analytics to historical data trends. Once detected, the system will then automatically notify appropriate personnel in order to ensure a swift and timely response.

“Golf courses stand to gain tremendously by adopting an intuitive business intelligence strategy offering easily digestible insight into how they can make informed decisions that maximize organizational success,” said John Crutchfield, COO at ProfitSword. “We are honored to partner with foreUP in making this ability easily achievable for golf course operators, and look forward to seeing customers leverage their own performance data to run a more efficient and profitable business.”

Another unique benefit for golf course operators is the seamless flexibility of the ProfitSword platform to be custom-tailored for specific business needs. If desired, operators can for example request additional integrations to be made with other data-generating systems such as with a golf course’s tee sheet tracking software. This integration could allow operators to identify time periods when their services are more in demand, and adjust pricing accordingly to maximize profitability.