Technology provider credited with maximizing efficiency and hotel revenues earns high rankings in Business Intelligence, Best Places to Work and People’s Choice categories.

Alpharetta, GA – January  11, 2022 – ProfitSword, a premier developer of business intelligence and data integration software for the hospitality industry, is today honored to announce details on its impressive performance at this year’s HotelTechAwards. Recognized as an industry-leading organization in the categories for Best Business Intelligence Software, Best Places to Work as well as coming in among the top 10 for the People’s Choice Award, ProfitSword’s achievements are all the more significant as companies are ranked based on reviews provided by hospitality professionals from around the world.

Results from the 2022 HotelTechAwards are notable as this year represents the most competitive event since the Award’s initial launch. More than 513,000 hoteliers participated in order to provide their voice on the industry’s most innovative and effective technology solutions. With more organizations also competing than in previous years, ProfitSword’s high ranking demonstrates its capabilities in equipping hoteliers with BI tools proven to maximize informed decision-making that leads to enhanced business growth. From major brands to boutique properties, hoteliers across the industry provided their feedback over how the adoption of ProfitSword technology enables them to accurately forecast business performance in order to identify new revenue opportunities while minimizing any business risks.

“There’s no recognitions highly cherished as the opinions of customers themselves, so to see that so many hoteliers voting for Best Business Intelligence Software recognize the immense value that our solutions offer is truly a proud moment for the entire ProfitSword team,” said Robert Ryan, CEO at ProfitSword. “We could not have achieved this significant accomplishment were it not for the dedication of our employees in continuing to push the limits in business intelligence innovation. To also be identified as one of the best places to work is simply phenomenal and demonstrates our commitment to our teams in providing a workplace environment where they can thrive in delivering on the latest industry needs. By additionally gaining recognition as a top 10 company in the People‘s Choice Awards, we are further honored to see that the industry recognizes our dedication to aligning company growth with the latest hotelier needs.”

Consisting of surveys sent out to thousands of employees throughout the hospitality vendor space, the Award’s Best Places to Work category ranks companies on their ability to provide career growth opportunities, employee satisfaction with management and an ideal work/life balance. By also coming within the top 10 companies for the People’s Choice Awards, ProfitSword was further evaluated on its ability to maintain balanced growth with a focus on customer centricity.