UNIVERSITY PARK, PA — April 7, 2022 — The Penn State Hotel and Restaurant Society (PSHRS) and Penn State School of Hospitality Management have opened nominations for its Annual Alumni Awards. An awards ceremony and reception for award recipients and the entire alumni and School community will be held in conjunction with the school’s 17th annual Alumni in the Classroom event in October 2022.

The deadline for alumni, friends and corporate employers of Penn State hospitality alumni to nominate candidates is May 1, 2022.

“PSHRS is humbled to honor our fellow graduates who have distinguished themselves in their careers and represented all students and alumni of Penn State’s School of Hospitality Management in high regard,” said Ashley Akright, Penn State Hotel and Restaurant Society President. “These prestigious nominees prove that while outstanding hospitality can impact a moment in time, hospitality management education can impact a lifetime. The impact each professional makes in their company and community strengthens our industry, with a resounding ‘We Are!’”

This year’s award ceremony will take place on the University Park campus in the Marriott Foundation Building, the school’s Collaboratory for Inclusion and Innovation.

“We continue to be impressed by the example our alumni are demonstrating throughout the pandemic, flourishing in spite of the headwinds the industry has faced throughout the current recovery,” said Donna Quadri-Felitti, Marvin Ashner Endowed Director of the School of Hospitality Management. “Our alumni award recipients are beacons of success and are the pride of both their employers and their alma mater. We are searching for the best role models for our current cohort of promising undergraduate and doctoral students.”

Recognition of Penn Staters in the hospitality industry began over seven decades ago and has grown to represent a broad spectrum of alumni achievements throughout the industry. Awards include Alumni of the Year, Alumni Industry Achievement, Emerging Professionals – Graduate, Emerging Professionals – Undergraduate and others.

“Year after year, it is incredible to see all of the accomplishments that graduates of the Penn State School of Hospitality Management are able to achieve,” said Pat Howley, director of industry and alumni relations for the School of Hospitality Management. “When our students have the opportunity to connect with these industry leaders, it only bolsters the values and work ethic being instilled in them throughout their courses.”

Recent Alumni of the Year recipients include Ken Young, Executive Chairman, Spectra Food Services and Hospitality (2021), Tom Neely, President of Thomas E. Strauss, Inc. and Chairman of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association (2020), and George Dabney, Principal and Chief Financial Officer, Noble Investment Group (2019).