Pegasus Solutions CEO, Sean Lenahan, sits down with CIO Review magazine to discuss spearheading innovation and advancements in the hospitality industry for nearly three decades

Scottsdale, Arizona – (October 2, 2018): Pegasus Solutions, a global leader in hospitality technology solutions, is the cover story of September’s issue of CIO Review Magazine. The feature article, A New Chapter in a Long Legacy of Innovation for Hoteliers, focuses on the company’s long history as an industry pioneer and its ongoing legacy of developing game-changing hotel technology.

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As Sean Lenahan, CEO of Pegasus, says in the article, “Our mission is to help hoteliers effortlessly connect with their guests and power relationships that last a lifetime. Fundamentally, our technology must maximize bottom-line profitability for hotel owners through global connectivity, intelligent pricing and open, simple and intuitive technology that allows hotels to free themselves from system constraints with deep data insights to improve operational productivity. This guides everything we do at Pegasus.”

For nearly three decades, Pegasus Solutions has delivered significant innovation and advancements to the hospitality industry. The Pegasus name has become synonymous with complete, highly reliable and innovative solutions that help hoteliers increase market competitiveness, revenue, profitability, and connections to their guests. Under new ownership as of 2014, Pegasus is once again making substantial investments in ground-breaking products and services focused on simplifying hoteliers’ ability to compete, increase bookings through their most profitable channels, and improve guest loyalty. The company is also recognized for its willingness to create highly tailored solutions on a 21st-century platform with near-unlimited scalability.

“Our teams have more experience serving chains than any other business in the history of the hospitality industry. Our software was not built for independents and modified for chains―Pegasus is and always has been uniquely enterprise in everything we do at our very core,” adds Lenahan.

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