New direct booking tool helps hotels personalize website offers in real time, boosting conversion rates and direct revenues

(NEW YORK) – May 15, 2019 — The newly-merged Travel Tripper and Pegasus announced the launch of Conversion Plus, an innovative website tool that enables hotels to automate smart, personalized promotions to potential guests by combining CRS rate data with the user’s behavior, search history, and preferences. The solution enables hotels to significantly increase conversion rate and direct revenue while improving guest engagement on their websites.

“Conversion Plus is a game changer for hotel marketers who face the challenge of converting lookers to bookers because their website promotions are static and generic,” says Steffan Berelowitz, VP of Digital Platforms at Travel Tripper and Pegasus. “We help hoteliers better capitalize on user intent by leveraging real-time insights and optimization tools to serve dynamic and relevant offers.”

Conversion Plus is the only direct booking tool that integrates seamlessly with the company’s award-winning RezTrip CRS and TT Web e-commerce platform. While other tools use only behavioral website data, Conversion Plus is able to use live rates, OTA price checks using Rate Match technology, and user profiles to deliver the most compelling personalized promotions.

Initial A/B tests of Conversion Plus showed a conversion uplift of 114% on a New York City hotel's website, as well as a 44% uplift in comparison with a leading competitor tool.

Conversion Plus helps hotels capture direct bookings by:

  • Automatically price checking hotel rates against OTAs using patent-pending Rate Match technology to beat lower OTA rates and make them bookable;
  • Creating compelling personalized offers for each guest based on search history, behavior, device, and geography;
  • Retargeting and converting visitors who are likely to book by remembering their prior stay date searches and inviting returning users to resume the search;
  • Capturing lost sales by re-engaging visitors who are idle or show exit intent with attractive offers (flash sales, vouchers etc.);
  • Engaging visitors throughout the booking journey without interrupting them by subtly embedding promotional messaging in every page.

“The primary elements that drive conversions are price, urgency, scarcity, and personalization—all embodied in Conversion Plus,” explains Nate Lane, Senior Director of Digital Platforms at Travel Tripper and Pegasus. “We can strategically help hoteliers raise conversion rates on their websites, thereby increasing returns on their website and digital marketing investments.”

Conversion Plus is a product of the newly-merged Travel Tripper and Pegasus, a company that is combining the industry’s leading CRS solutions with cutting edge technology to provide hotels with an unmatched suite of solutions to boost revenue and direct bookings.

Hotels interested in learning more about Conversion Plus can read this case study and visit the website at