MUNICH, Germany—October 14, 2019—NextGuest CRM, a worldwide leader in personalized and automated guest communications and CRM solutions for the hospitality industry, announced today its step into the entry-level market and launched carefully tailored new solutions. With Easy Campaign, single or independent hotel group properties can now quickly set up and automate personalized transactional emails and start basic campaigns. With Easy CRM, small to mid-size hotel groups with five or more properties can easily tap into CRM and leverage automated and highly personalized campaigns based on guest information within various data sources.

“NextGuest CRM is dedicated to user-friendliness, simplicity, and high quality. Now we empower hoteliers managing single hotels or small and mid-size hotel chains with our CRM expertise and expand our reach from the enterprise to the entry-level segment,” said Dieter Dirnberger, CEO at NextGuest CRM. “Driving revenue through automated guest communication and CRM has never been so easy.”

NextGuest CRM helps to turn promotions into bookings by combining unified email communication with a personalized brand experience. All its solutions include transactional emails for sending out confirmations, modifications, cancellations, and any other information along the guest journey from pre-arrival to post-stay. Furthermore, they support marketing campaigns to drive bookings and upsells according to the specific offerings of a hotel or hotel chain.

Easy Campaign

Created for single or independent hotel group properties, Easy Campaign makes automated guest communication easy and accelerates operational tasks as well as cross and up selling activities. The solution comes with an email template library that meets industry best practices. Adding a personal touch, corporate design, or custom template is very easy and intuitive thanks to a new Campaign Manager and Wizard. For transactional campaigns, the solution turns reservation data from the property management system (PMS) into appealing emails sent to the guest on the fly. Setting up marketing campaigns does not even require PMS access. Hotel staff can simply upload contact lists through an intuitive interface and use them for newsletter blasts, seasonal campaigns, and other promotions. The basic campaign management module makes uploading lists with email addresses and names quick and stress-free.

“Easy Campaign makes it easy to benefit from automated interaction with guests in a personalized way. Users simply combine existing reservation information with built-in, adaptable email templates. For marketing campaigns, they don’t even need PMS access and can simply use contact lists from various sources,” said Thomas Hoefer, Managing Director at NextGuest CRM.

Easy CRM

The new professional entry-level CRM solution is tailored to the needs of small to mid-size hotel groups with five or more properties. Easy CRM focuses on campaign automation and advanced personalization. Add-ons comprise transactional email and intent triggered personalization. Thanks to a broad integration with PMS, CRS, IBE, and ORS systems, Easy CRM users can leverage guest information from the hotel’s various data sources. A key asset is the centralized CRM profile which gathers all information per guest from all group properties in a single digital guest card. Each guest profile is visible for all group properties and gets automatically updated by the PMS. Easy CRM has a robust integration with the hotel PMS and its important statistics such as revenue, profile, and stay-related data. Hotel staff can leverage insight per guest to increase the guest experience on-site and to segment guest profiles for ad-hoc, scheduled, or automated marketing campaigns. Manual uploads of contact lists are obsolete.

All NextGuest CRM solutions are Cloud-based. Easy CRM customers can upgrade to the enterprise solution CRM Suite by changing the license and adding configurations to the system. Both new solutions are available through NextGuest CRM. Prices upon request.