Luxury Cayman Villas has selected ALICE to streamline communication and enhance staff efficiency across its expansive property of luxury vacation rental villas. Luxury Cayman Villas offers a carefully curated collection of vacation rentals and a commitment to the highest level of service in the Cayman Islands. ALICE is the hospitality industry’s leading operations technology, connecting every department of the hotel with one platform for all staff communication and guest requests.

Prior to implementing ALICE, Luxury Cayman Villas used a variety of manual and often time-consuming methods to track staff work and fulfill guest requests. Managing staff workflow was done largely through in-person observation, while organizing the details of guest itineraries was often accomplished through the manual assembly of physical documents and back and forth over email. While ultimately effective for the resort, this manual work challenged standardization and required a lot of time from busy staff. Now, using ALICE, Luxury Cayman Villas’ Lead Concierge, William Hinds, notes, “We have reached another level in uniform communication; everyone has the exact same information about the guest, and it allows for service at a higher level and a more efficient use of time in execution of tasks.”

Michael Radolinski, Marketing and Special Events, adds to that sentiment, sharing “[the ALICE platform] has minimized manual processes, totally automated them, with a high level of personalized service. It’s imperative that the point of contact at each property has a clear picture of the guest’s stay, and with ALICE, we can ensure that happens.” As Radolinski notes, most guests come to Luxury Cayman Villas for very special celebrations or milestones in their lives, so it’s vital that communication flow is effective and clear in order to create those spectacular moments for guests during their stay.

Staff at Luxury Cayman Villas also appreciate the alignment, accountability, and clarity of communication afforded by ALICE. Staff point to the internal notes feature as a particularly invaluable part of the tool, because it translates to guest-facing interactions through specific services and guest history, but can also clarify internal tasks or updates on specific action items. Since Luxury Cayman Villas prides itself on its exceptional level of service across properties that span the entire island of Grand Cayman, seamless communication between staff is essential to a smooth operation.

Indeed, Radolinski shared with us one particular anecdote that illustrates the alignment and clarity of communication afforded by ALICE. As he tells it, when an employee called out sick last-minute, ALICE allowed another team member to step in on a moment’s notice to seamlessly greet the guest at the villa upon their arrival with all the information ready and waiting for them, delivering on Luxury Cayman Villas’ guest experience expectations without a hitch.