BERLIN, December 9, 2016. While the preparations are almost complete for the grand opening of NYX Milan, the currently named Fusion Hotel Prague is closing its doors at the beginning of the New Year for extensive renovations – as is the Gran Atlanta Madrid in the spring. Both will then rise as goddesses of the night. These three hotels mark the launch of the brand-new lifestyle brand NYX Hotels by Leonardo Hotels and are set to become hot spots for unique individuals from all around the world.

The excellent location and inspiring atmosphere give the guests of NYX Prague and NYX Madrid the ability to do exactly what they fancy. All NYX Hotels will offer unmistakeable ambience with a diverse array of regional influences and local character. NYX Hotels provide well-known artists an unparalleled stage – an ARTmosphere that brings together creative minds and the hotels are becoming Hotspots for art and culture lovers. Local DJs set the tone with their harmonious beats. And the City Lovers, the NYX Hotel staff, will welcome and guide their guests, ensuring they have plenty of special moments to enjoy. This creates a vibrant metropolitan flair in every NYX Hotel: a mirror of urban lifestyles.

“In just a few weeks, the construction work in Milan will be finished and we will finally be able to open the first NYX Hotel in Europe. Our hotel concept reflects the contemporary zeitgeist calling for ever more creative possibilities and individual joie de vivre. Our guests will be amazed,” says Daniel Roger, Managing Director of Leonardo Hotels Europe.

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