BERLIN/PRAGUE, 16.03.2017. Now that the first European NYX Hotel has opened in the modern Italian metropolis of Milan in mid-February, there is now a second, the NYX Prague that is receiving guests. This Lifestyle Hotel from the House of Leonardo impresses with its unrefined appearance. Located in the middle of the pulsing center of the city, the building wins you over with a contemporary art concept that was developed in collaboration with local artists. Guests have a total of 91 rooms to choose from — from the “Little Star Room” to the big 80 square meters “Godde’s Suite” with private terrace and awesome view over Prague.

Prague stands for historic chic and urban modernity. This special vibe is also mirrored by the NYX Hotel: the historically preserved building built in the Czech rondocubist style entertains with a special artistic concept. Selected “Street Artists” have had a big part in the configuration of the hotel by bringing the authentic flair of the city into the rooms. This is how artists like Martin Krajc, Ondřej Vyhnánek (X–Dog), Jana Babincová and Sofie Tobiášová provide the building with its unique flair. For example, Krajc has patterned the walls in the foyer that receives the guests as soon as they enter the hotel. In this way, the NYX Prague has become part of the local art scene. It also plans on further collaborations that will not only impress visitors but also turn the hotel in into a hotspot for the creative residents of Prague.

© Leonardo Hotels, Jana Babincová, Martin Krajc

“The NYX Prague is the hotel for individualists: art, design, music and nightlife are all tied together at this location into a total concept which is characteristic of all of the buildings in the brand and which speaks to all of the visitors’ senses”, says Daniel Roger, Managing Director Leonardo Hotels Europe.

Interior designer Andreas Neudahm is responsible for the special design of the NYX Prague. As demanded by the concept underlying the brand, the laid-back casual loft character of the design is emphasized. Lots of the elements are one-of-a-kind fabricated solely for the NYX and thus blend optimally with the art concept. The individual rooms are also characterized by the special color and material concept that was created for the hotel.