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PMS-integrated mobile check-in solution also handles secure payment transactions

MINNEAPOLIS — JUNE 25, 2013 — The days of checking into a hotel and hoping the front desk agent assigns you a room in your ideal area of the hotel—whether close to or far from the elevators, near the pool, away from the ballroom, or whatever your preference—are now in the past. 

iTesso, maker of the hospitality industry’s most comprehensive hotel enterprise management system, has unveiled a self-service mobile solution that enables guests to select their own guestroom, as well as providing a host of other convenient benefits to both the guest and hotelier. The revolutionary i4Guests solution integrates with the hotel PMS to display a real-time floorplan showing all available rooms—those that are vacant and clean—of the type reserved. Guests can also view vacancies within other room types, with offers to upgrade for a designated fee. This allows hotels to upsell the guest, creating opportunity for additional revenue. When completing the check-in process on a mobile device, including a secure payment transaction, the guest receives a personalized QR code for expedited keycard pickup at a lobby kiosk.

Designed to enhance guest satisfaction while reducing hotel operating costs, i4Guests can be accessed via any mobile Internet browser or from dedicated onsite kiosks. Along with the ultra-marketable guestroom-selection functionality, i4Guests allows guests to update registration details and profile information, and it even handles payment transactions with its built-in PCI-certified credit card processing capability. The i4Guests solution, which is hosted on the cloud-native iTesso platform, can be integrated with any hotel property management system.

"While our innovative iG4 solution is primarily intended to enhance guest service by improving response times and delivering a self-service option desired by increasing numbers of consumers, the platform also provides a great opportunity for hotels to upsell services and boost yield," says Bas Blommaart, iTesso’s CEO. 

iTesso is exhibiting i4Guests, as well as its flagship iTesso Enterprise Lodging System, at Booth 1017 of HITEC at the Minneapolis Convention Center, June 24-27. To schedule a demo in person or online, contact Patrick Scully on (404) 687 0040 or at

For more information on iG4 and the iTesso Enterprise Lodging System, visit

About iTesso

iTesso (formerly known as Hotel Concepts-Brilliant) is a leading global provider of advanced software solutions to the global hospitality industry. The company’s premier product is the iTesso Enterprise Lodging System, the world’s first true Cloud-native Property Management (PMS) and Central Reservation System (CRS), operating on the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. This revolutionary new concept in hospitality software helps hotels to improve operational efficiency and significantly reduce the total cost of IT system ownership. Founded in 1994 and based in The Netherlands, iTesso maintains four main offices on three continents in order to provide local support to their hotel clients around the world. For more information, please visit

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