[STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN]  – June 26, 2023 – Demand Calendar, a comprehensive revenue and profit management system, will be exhibited for the first time at HITEC in Toronto. Demand Calendar, designed with a profit-oriented approach, aims to provide hotel businesses with tools for more accurate total revenue forecasting, effective management of customer acquisition cost, and profit optimization. Visit booth #517 to learn more about profit-oriented total revenue management.

Profit-Oriented Revenue Management is an approach that optimizes the total revenue mix to maximize profit flow-through, focusing on attracting guests and customers who spend more, thus increasing total revenue, reducing costs, and increasing profitability. A key aspect of this approach is managing customer acquisition cost effectively, which contributes to profit flow-through.

Demand Calendar is built upon these principles. The platform provides real-time tracking of performance and profitability, allowing businesses to understand and forecast total revenue to predict profits without waiting for monthly reports. This real-time access to critical data mitigates the issues many hotels face, where late reporting often results in hasty, ill-informed decisions that can negatively impact revenue and profit.

One system for the commercial team

At the heart of Demand Calendar is the focus on making the work of the commercial team effective and efficient. The Demand Calendar SMART Suite – one system for Sales, Marketing, and Revenue – unifies team objectives by promoting a profit-focused approach to all roles in the commercial team. It offers multi-property consolidation to deliver invaluable and the same insights for all team members to encourage collaboration in managing many hotels effectively in a hotel group, thereby enhancing profits. During HITEC, Demand Calendar will highlight new and innovative features, including

Total Revenue Management

This module streamlines revenue management through automated data collection, customer acquisition cost tracking, and advanced forecasting and price optimization techniques. The functionality includes forecasting, on-the-books, and pick-up for any revenue source. By focusing on optimizing the revenue mix, hotels can maximize their profit flow-through.

Hotel Sales Management

Aiming at optimizing sales performance, this module provides robust customer profitability intelligence and a hotel-specific Sales CRM. These tools empower sales teams to develop and implement more profitable strategies and foster stronger customer relationships.

Marketing Analytics

The Marketing Analytics module offers insights into guest spending behaviors, campaign performance, and audience segmentation. These insights support targeted, effective marketing strategies that enhance guest engagement and revenue.

“We are thrilled to introduce the North American market to the Demand Calendar SMART Suite,” expressed Anders Johansson, Demand Calendar AB’s Chief Executive Officer. “We aim to revolutionize how hotel businesses manage and optimize their revenue streams to maximize flow-through to reach a higher return on investment for the owner. We look forward to showcasing our innovations at HITEC and engaging with industry professionals.”