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7 June 2018

ISHC WorldView revealed that 69% of members surveyed believe the appeal of timeshare is diminishing. With now allowing hotel listings through 3rd party distribution platforms, it’s clear the sharing economy hasn’t stopped evolving to increase their piece of the pie.

What does the sharing economy have that timeshare doesn’t? Insights from ISHC members revolve around two common themes: flexibility and unique experiences.

ISHC’s Tim Peck, Chairman of OBM International Limited commented, “The sharing economy allows far more flexibility in being able to have your home away from home.”

“Why would a consumer want to lock into a particular exchange system when everything is easily available on Airbnb or VRBO?” added David Berins, ISHC, Owner of Berins & Co., LLC.

ISHC’s Christopher Henry, Co-Founder & CEO, Majestic Hospitality Group believes, “It has less to do with the sharing economy and more to do with changing demographics. While the model is still popular with baby boomers, the concept struggles to sell with millennials. This younger group prefers to spend their money on unique and authentic experiences while also not being tied down to commitments. Timeshares provide the exact opposite of this mindset.”

Hayden Pace, ISHC, CEO of Stokes Wagner, ALC agreed “Timeshares are being rendered obsolete by the availability of experience-driven local accommodations.”

31% of ISHC members surveyed believe the sharing economy is not diminishing the appeal of timeshare. Dan Larkin, ISHC, Partner, Bryan Cave maintained, “Branded timeshare offers features the sharing economy does not.”

With Marriott Vacations recent acquisition of Interval Leisure Group to unify the Marriott and Starwood timeshare brands, this move may prove to bolster the strength of vacation ownership.

ISHC’s Flo Lugli, Founder & Principal, NavesinkAdvisory Group, LLC weighed in on how she thinks timeshare can evolve to stay relevant, “Timeshare's value proposition now is more around points and pre-paying for great vacations rather than buying a specific unit in a specific location. To the extent that the exchange businesses can continue to support the exchange of points across multiple locations/resorts, then many will continue to see value.”

It seems ISHC’s Robin Hunden, President, Hunden Strategic Partners, Inc. prediction may be coming true with Marriott now experimenting with homesharing, “The rental home business is expanding in ways that will be hard to replicate unless the brands or management companies begin acquiring the management contracts for multiple homes in destination markets.”

About ISHC WorldView

To shed light on the critical issues affecting the hospitality industry, the International Society of Hospitality Consultants tapped into the brain trust of its 230+ members from around the globe. The ISHC WorldView provides an honest perspective on the state of the industry and how some of the key concerns can be addressed going forward. This year’s report focuses on the major issues impacting the hospitality industry today in regards to Brands, Consumers, Innovation & Technology, the Sharing Economy, Hotel Performance, Security and the Workforce. In some cases, the responses are blunt or may even reflect opposing views. Nevertheless, the diversity of viewpoints within the organization provides valuable insights as we confront the challenges impacting our industry.

About ISHC

The International Society of Hospitality Consultants is truly The Leading Source for Global Hospitality Expertise, represented by over two hundred of the industry’s most respected professionals from across six continents. Collectively, ISHC members provide expert services in over fifty functional areas and have specialized skills in virtually every segment of the hospitality industry. ISHC is dedicated to promoting the highest quality of professional consulting standards and practices for the hospitality industry. Candidates undergo a rigorous screening process, ensuring that all ISHC members have a reputation of integrity and are qualified by their experience, training and knowledge to develop and express sound judgment on industry issues. Additional information about the organization, along with a directory of ISHC members, is available on the ISHC website at   

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