HospitalityNet™ and HFTP have announced that they will be launching the first edition of the hospitality industry’s first comprehensive Sentiment Survey at HITEC 2019 in Minneapolis. Event attendees and exhibitors will be invited to participate by members of a dedicated onsite team or contacted directly via email.

This Sentiment Survey, sponsored by Shiji, aims to build the most comprehensive picture of pertinent trends impacting the hospitality technology industry. The survey, once compiled and analyzed, will decipher what hotel companies, technology providers, and educational institutions consider to be the most critical based upon current and emerging guest demands.

“Industry stakeholders are often at odds when it comes to technology priorities,” explains Henri Roeling, Founder & CEO at HospitalityNet. “The goal of this survey is to assimilate the findings into an in-depth report to support both suppliers and hoteliers in making both strategic and tactical decisions. The plan is to release the report in Q3 of 2019 and to expand this survey to serve as annual industry-barometer.”

HospitalityNet, HFTP and it’s partners developed a research methodology and segmentation for the hospitality technology category which encompasses pertinent topics and key areas of investment focus. Respondents and questions will fall into main categories defined as Hoteliers, Suppliers, and Others, such as consumers, industry consultants, academics, associations, and media.

Partners of the Sentiment Survey are:

  • HospitalityNet and HFTP: Co-producers
  • Shiji: Main sponsor
  • EHL: Academic & Analysis Partner
  • Puzzle Partner: Content & Analysis Partner

Kevin King, Chief Operating Officer at Shiji Group, adds, “We’re proud to sponsor this initiative and believe the results of the survey will help both vendors and hotel companies understand the trends of what is most needed for our industry.”

HospitalityNet works closely with visionaries, influencers and executives to help further educate the industry on current and future growth drivers. This survey is just one of the many exciting things the company is working on to help create opportunities for everyone to contribute through shared experiences and knowledge that can shape the future.

“This survey reinforces everyone’s ability as part of the hospitality technology community to evoke positive change and make a powerful difference in the industry,” said Alan Young, Co-Founder of Puzzle Partner.

“Introducing the survey and report at HITEC is the ideal entry point, where there are thousands of industry practitioners and solution providers,” said Frank Wolfe, CAE, HFTP CEO. “Hospitality technology best practices and current innovations are on the minds of all the attendees this week, and in turn will give valuable input when answering the survey based on their discoveries at HITEC. It will be of great value to continue the momentum with the report after HITEC, an informative takeaway from Minneapolis.”

To learn more or to participate in the survey, please CLICK HERE or visit