— Top gaming organizations recognize Agilysys for amplifying Return on Experience (ROE) through guest conveniences, technology interconnectivity and gaming industry expertise —

ALPHARETTA, GA — OCT. 11, 2022 —  Agilysys, Inc. (Nasdaq: AGYS), a leading global provider of hospitality software solutions that deliver High Return Hospitality, has won three awards from the gaming industry for its partnership, its technology leadership, and for the positive business impact of its intuitive mobile F&B order-and-pay solution.

The solution – branded IG OnDemand – makes it fast and easy for hospitality and gaming guests to use a personal mobile device to view, order and pay for food and beverages from  multiple dining venues across a property, as well as to request self-pickup or delivery to the casino area, to poolside, to cabanas, to the beach, to their rooms or to other designated areas. Mobile access and convenience stimulate impulse buys, increase order volumes, raise check values, and shrink staff workloads while also improving guest service.

In addition to enabling guest-facing mobile F&B order-and-pay convenience for casinos, resorts, hotels and cruise lines, Agilysys delivers IG OnDemand for university campus dining, corporate dining, lifestyle communities, hospitals, theme parks, stadiums, entertainment arenas and other properties that value choice in dining experiences.

The awards won are:

  • The Gaming & Leisure Partner Award, recognizing Agilysys for being the company that best illustrates a granular understanding of the real problems facing clients and incorporating that knowledge into its solutions to demonstrate it has appropriate solutions for today and for tomorrow, among other criteria.
  • The Gaming & Leisure Transportation Award, recognizing Agilysys for dramatically changing the gaming and hospitality industry’s technology landscape in the area of interoperability, among other criteria.

The Gaming & Leisure Board and Roundtable Colleagues evaluated nominees for both awards.

  • Global Gaming Business Magazine’s Silver Award for Best Consumer – Service Technology, recognizing the direct positive impact Agilysys’ IG OnDemand technology has on guest experiences. Other solutions considered in the Best Consumer – Service Technology category included an enhanced kiosk, a new player-tracking system, a reservations system, and a parking management system, among other guest-friendly technology.

The award-winning IG OnDemand is part of The Agilysys Hospitality Cloud™ Experience Enhancers™ Collection of solutions that work with Agilysys’ InfoGenesis point-of-sale (POS) system. Agilysys also delivers property management (PMS) and inventory and procurement (I&P) core solutions that work with Experience Enhancers to amplify Return On Experience (ROE) for guests and staff alike.

ROE measures how technology creates more engaged and empowered staff members, along with guests that return more often, spend more, and leave stronger reviews. ROE covers longer-term gains than typical ROI measures by acknowledging the value of ensuring every experience at every touchpoint avoids disappointments and creates property champions.

“The most successful casinos and properties appreciate how Agilysys solutions create end-to-end personalized and profitable experiences for guests and staff,” said Ramesh Srinivasan, president and CEO of Agilysys. “They choose Agilysys because our solution approach delivers greater choice, control and convenience, which leads to greater loyalty and ROE. We have been committed to the gaming industry for many years and we are grateful and honored for the recognition we are receiving from Gaming & Leisure and Global Gaming Business magazine.”