Developed by an HTNG Workgroup composed of more than 50 hotel IT leaders and solutions providers, HTNG Express solves one of the industry’s toughest problems: PMS integration. Hapi is an early adopter of this new standard and they’ve made it available to their entire partner network

EDINBURGH, U.K., October 17, 2022 – Hapi, the hospitality industry’s leading platform for simple connectivity between technology systems, has worked with Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG), a division of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), to launch HTNG Express, an efficient and low-cost solution for technology solution providers to integrate with industry-leading Property Management Systems.

Developed by an HTNG Workgroup composed of leadership from Hotel IT teams and technology vendors, HTNG Express accelerates the speed and lowers the cost of PMS integrations in a scalable manner. HTNG Express delivers a single standard that can be executed in under a week and can be deployed with multiple PMS providers. In turn, hotel companies benefit from new solutions to drive the industry forward in their quest for increased technical adoption. Hapi has adopted this new standard in their platform and has provided an integration sandbox to assist adopters to implement their integrations.

Through the first streamlined integration, announced and demonstrated at the HTNG Europe Conference in Edinburgh, technology providers can adopt the HTNG Express specification and receive fresh one-way data from an industry-leading PMS, via Hapi’s Platform. New connections into other PMS providers are in development, and all PMS providers are encouraged to adopt this standard natively.

“This new integrations solution is great for startup technology companies looking to get their foot in the door,” says Brian Erdman, VP, Hapi Platform Services, who co-chaired the workgroup that developed HTNG Express. “Hotel owners and operators won’t be interested in deploying a new solution unless that system has some type of PMS integration, and this is a simple and cost-effective way for new entrants to get started.”

An early adopter of HTNG Express is ALICE by Actabl, a profit-maximizing platform that streamlines operations and communication, boosts productivity, and increases guest satisfaction. “We’re excited about the prospects of HTNG Express – how it will both help ALICE by Actabl share real time data and open up the hospitality technology landscape for future innovation,” said workgroup co-chair Dmitry Koltunov, Co-Founder and Chairman, ALICE by Actabl.

To develop HTNG Express, the workgroup built upon HTNG’s industry-leading API standards and narrowed the wide number of data fields to focus on the critical data solution providers needed for a simple, one-way integration.

“An HTNG Workgroup identified and highlighted a crucial hurdle to innovation in hospitality, which is that many newly established technology providers don’t have the financial resources to build costly integrations with each of the dozens of PMS providers they need data from,” said Mike Blake, Chief Technology Officer at AHLA. “Through hours and hours of conversation and development work, and with assistance from Hapi’s Open API platform and skilled engineering team, that Workgroup was able to deliver a solution that will truly push our industry forward.”

Interact with the HTNG Express Sandbox, which mimics common PMS outputs and can be used to build test integrations and event triggers, here.