Build trust with hotel website visitors by showcasing SOCIAL PROOF.

Social proof is critical to easing the worries of potential guests. In fact, a study in the Washington Post showed social proof had more influence over customers than a discount. This is why a guest review site like TripAdvisor is so popular and impactful on purchase behavior. As travelers and meeting planners are faced with more and more hotel options, it’s vital to win their trust first, to win their heart and their wallets.

Here are the four core methods of leveraging social proof online:

1. Awards, Accolades and Media Labels

Prominently display any accolades or awards from reputable travel industry organizations or media that have recognized your hotel. Just a quick glance can lock in buyer confidence.

2. Guest-generated Social Media Posts

Photos and videos increase trust. Today, some of your best property photography and most poignant stories will come from the guests themselves, whether from their Instagram photos, YouTube videos or Facebook Livestreams. Use your geotag to search for these posts, ask permission to use, then re-post or reuse for your own hotel marketing assets.

3. User Testimonials & Reviews

Skip the generic “Great service!” reviews and instead showcase testimonials that explicitly share how the hotel and your staff made the stay or the meeting extraordinary, not just pleasant. If possible, include a photo of the person leaving the review, which enhances the perceived legitimacy of the testimonial.

4. Partner Logos

Showcase logos of partner organizations and businesses, even if they are lesser-known brands. These partnerships will go a long way to bolster credibility and draws other customers and partners to you.