Carver Hotel Group enters 2015 with over 100 available Task Force Consultants

ATLANTA, GA – January 6, 2015Carver Hotel Group, the hospitality infrastructure powerhouse, continues the 2014 growth trajectory by entering 2015 with over 100 consultants available across disciplines, and targets 200 by end of 2015! Charlene "Charley" Carter, CHG's Vice President of Task Force makes her goal plain "We are hard core when it comes to Task Force! Our goal is to provide the right consultant, at the right time, who can walk in and make a difference the same day! " Disciplines available for immediate assignment include:

  • General Manager
  • Controller/Director of Finance
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Director of Sales
  • Director of Catering
  • Director of Revenue Management
  • Director of Food and Beverage
  • Director of Rooms/Operations
  • Sales Manager
  • Catering and Convention Services Manager
  • Revenue Manager
  • Banquet Manager
  • Outlet Manager
  • Chief Engineer

In addition to Task Force, CHG also provides the XPRESS® suite of services, designed to bring pro-active direct sales and revenue management to properties whose budgets or infrastructure do not allow for on-property teams. According to CEO Joel Carver, "salesXPRESS® brings a pro-active sales effort into smaller hotels who do not have the infrastructure or budget to provide a dedicated sales effort". Designed with the small to mid-sized owner and management company in mind, this model provides a turn-key approach to a pro-active hotel sales effort, allowing hotels to gain the needed incremental revenue, without the traditional salary and benefit costs.

  • Productivity Goals and ROI Directly Tied to Hotel Budget
  • Minimum of 15 Pro-Active Sales Calls per week
  • Dedicated Sales Manager
  • Sales Office open from 8:30-5:00 Local Hotel Time
  • RRP's Completed and Submitted
  • Monthly Pricing Meetings with Revenue Management
  • Contracts Produced
  • Monthly Activity / ROI Reporting

Easily combined with CHG's revenueEXPRESS and Executive Leadership models the powerhouse of these allows a hotel to experience a full Sales and Revenue Management effort at less cost than many would pay in salary and benefits for one employee.

This offering will allow CHG to become the single source for all revenue generation and maximization activities needed by many hotels and hotel companies. Other core solutions provided by Carver Hotel Group include: Task Force Consultants, Sales Development and Training Programs, Process Improvement, Human Resources Management, Lead Generation Services, and Revenue Management for hire services.

The CHG network is designed to provide each property and organization with the strategic process and tactical support needed to drive top line sales and maximize ROI. More information on any CHG service may be obtained by contacting the CHG Business Development Team at 404-254-3130.