ATLANTA, GA – February 1, 2023 –CARVER, the hospitality Task Force and Executive Search powerhouse has announced updates to their brand including a new logo and enhancements in their one-of-a-kind app.

Joel Carver, Chief Executive Officer announced that effective in January, the individual brands of Carver Hotel Group and Carver-Olson Hospitality Search will combine into the single brand, Carver.

Along with these announcements, Carver comments, “I’ve always believed that there is nothing more powerful than your customers defining your brand, and that’s exactly what’s happened here.  Over the past nine years, we’ve operated as Carver Hotel Group and Carver-Olson.  Every day, we hear folks say ‘just call Carver’.  So, now we are simply Carver!”

This branding change comes simultaneous to the organization rolling out a new logo and website as well as an updated app.  The elements of the new logo emphasize key tenants to the Carver organization:  People, Diversity, Support and Movement.

Charlene Carter, Chief Development Officer explains, “Our new logo speaks to exactly who we are.  We are a people-facing organization that understands that our focus is people, our strength is diversity and our future is movement.” 

The new branding will become visible in January, with the new website design launching in early February and the client-facing update to the app in later this quarter. All elements, including social media channels, will be updated by March 31, 2023.

Joel Carver epitomizes the updates by adding, “Since our founding in 2013 the key constant has been ‘movement’.  When it comes to people, whatever the industry has needed, we have moved forward.  We’ve provided Task Force, Task-to-Perm, Executive Search and now, H2B partnerships.  Our goal is to keep folks doing exactly what they’ve been doing all along, calling Carver”. 

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