PAS and BlackLine Systems announce global partnership

Gaithersburg, MD – PAS is bringing the world’s most trusted solution for Finance Controls and Automation, BlackLine Systems, to hospitality.

Leveraging their in-depth experience in hospitality operations and their hands free integration platform, pasUNITY, PAS is creating an unparalleled solution surrounding the Financial Close – Balance Sheet, Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation Automation. The security and integrity that comes with pasUNITY integrations, eliminates many of the human errors that are commonly associated with such sensitive financial information.

“We know what makes the hospitality back-office different from other industries and we know and understand the pain associated with month-end financial close, transaction matching, and audit”, states Bill Euler, President and CEO of PAS. “BlackLine offers a simple, affordable, ready to use solution that can eliminate that pain and help a hotelier gain efficiency and control. This is an opportunity to introduce a better financial close process that creates a tremendous return for hoteliers.”

Industry veteran and recently appointed Director of Hotel Accounting for PAS, Gayle Edwards, explains, “Had I known that BlackLine existed while I was in my previous career positions, I would have purchased it IMMEDIATELY! What CFO doesn’t want to know their cash position at any time, or lighten the month-end accounting burden, or better yet, know what their staff (controller) is actually reconciling and submitting the proper reports. Add to this the confidence of knowing the human error factor has been eliminated – no transpositions are taking valuable time and creating a mess.” She states, “pasUNITY integration paired with BlackLine and the matching engine eliminates these occurrences. Time is saved, frustrations eliminated, headaches – gone!”

Hospitality is part of the DNA at PAS. PAS has a proven model for back office operations in hotels, casinos and more plus their knowledge of the industry, runs deep and wide. PAS has expertise and experience in everything from conceptual thinking about how an organization’s back-office operates to best practices surrounding accounting processes and procedures. It is this rich history and industry “know-how” that makes this partnership with BlackLine, the first and most experienced provider of enterprise-class software designed to automate and control the entire financial close process, so unique.