Independent hotel management company is leveraging the PVNG enterprise accounting solution from Aptech, and soon plans to add Aptech’s business intelligence solution, Execuvue, at select hotels

PITTSBURGH, August 15, 2023 — When Pacific Pearl Hotels began investigating new accounting software for its growing portfolio of independent hotels, it conducted a deep dive into the leading accounting and financial management programs on the market. Enterprise accounting solution PVNG by Aptech won hands down for its wide scope of features, transparency, and ease of use.

“Our staff is delighted with the results PVNG is providing, as well as with the support we’re receiving from Aptech; they are there whenever we need them,” said Mario Leon, VP of Finance and Accounting for Pacific Pearl Hotels. “Our owners/investors want access to financial reports on the fly; therefore, we needed an accounting program capable of producing financial statements at a moment’s notice. If we need a report that is not already customized for us, we call Aptech, and like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, the data and reporting tools we need appear. PVNG also provides access to the general ledger and special trend reports, which has been invaluable.”

PVNG elevates hoteliers’ ability to monitor their success. The tool features Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Statistics, Financials, and Bank Reconciliation modules and seamless web browser navigation allowing hotels to upload their accounting data remotely. PVNG can be deployed as a hosted service and also offers OCR invoice processing, a myriad of payment options, drill-down capabilities in financial statements and reports, and the ability to handle single or multi-property accounting.

Leon said Pacific Pearl Hotels is planning on adding PVNG at new properties as they enter the system to make it better for everyone. At present there are nine hotels in the system, with more deals in the pipeline.

“Our people are extremely happy with PVNG,” Leon said. “Integrating the solution with peripheral property systems has been challenging – not on the Aptech side, but due to third-party issues. In each instance, Aptech goes above and beyond what is required of them to help our other suppliers make the integration process work. It’s because of Aptech’s spectacular customer service, solution flexibility, and dedication to our success that we are adding Aptech’s Execuvue business intelligence solution next. The information that Execuvue delivers is cutting edge and we don’t want to operate without it.”

Jill Wilder, Aptech Vice President, said the company is thrilled to expand on its long-term relationship with Pacific Pearl.

“As Pacific Pearl Hotels grows, we are honored to grow alongside them and equip them with accurate, reliable, and flexible financial management tools,” Wilder said. “Aptech’s financial management solutions are helping hotel companies of all sizes compete on the global stage, all while reacting to new challenges as they emerge.”

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