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TTI offers solutions on how to avoid the risk of an unsecured Business Center

February 22, 2017 – New York, NY – TTI Technologies, best known for their customized Hospitality Business Center Kiosks that are safe and secure for guests, knows how difficult it can be to manage operations throughout hotel properties. An area that is often overlooked is the software lock down of each PC in lobbies or business centers. TTI Technologies has a key objective in securing the guest user experience in every hotel we install.

Brands and independent hotels have realized the value of managed business centers.  Guest information must be wiped clean after each usage.   Additionally viruses, illegal downloads and the blocking of pornographic material is critical for a safe environment. 

Every Hotel General Manager has enough challenges to cope with and shouldn't have to be concerned whether or not guest information is erased after each session. And on top of that, the task of maintaining regular Windows or Mac updates, latest version of anti-virus and content filtering. This eliminates the need for utilizing resources to address these issues with guests.

TTI Access and other products from TTI Technologies are designed to solve these problems and more.  TTI protects business centers from viruses, keep guests from visiting inappropriate websites, and prevent guests’ valuable data from being stolen: Install, configure and maintain these software functions from TTI and you’ll be well on your way to creating a pleasant guest technology experience.

Fact:  TTI listened to their Users and uncovered below the top priorities for a successful managed Business Center.

  • System staying online and security software updated
  • Cleaning off guest files
  • Functioning printers, Internet and general technical problems
  • Limiting access to inappropriate sites
  • Preventing general public usage and preserving guests usage
  • Constant software upgrades, latest OS systems- Mac and Windows 10, to keep your guests satisfied

TTI assures its customers of complete data erasing after each guest use, its systems automatically re-boots and wipes clean if there is no activity, so guest information won’t be compromised.

Have a self managed Business Center? TTI has a program that can convert your existing equipment to our managed services program

TTI provides systems that allow guests to quickly access Boarding Passes, Social Networks, Email and other functions. Additionally the company is harnessing the popularity of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablets that mount on Lobby Walls in beautiful kiosks that are easy to access.

For more information, visit

Tim Doxzon, VP of Sales
TTI Technologies
Office:   212 897-0969
Mobile: 646 408-1860

About TTI Technologies

TTI Technologies International has been delivering innovative solutions since 1991, serving hotels, resorts, government agencies, nightclubs, and other venues all over the globe. TTI’s solutions include Business Centers and Boarding Pass Stations,  Flight  Information  Systems  with  Interactive  Displays;  and  ID/Passport  Scanners.,  ID  Verification,  and  Lobby Tablets.  With an international headquarters in New York City and satellite offices across the United States, Mexico City, Europe and Mumbai, TTI is well equipped to anticipate and deliver exceptional service. For more information, visit us or contact us at / +1-646-218-2700 Extension 3.

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