October 18, 2017 – New York, NY – What is the current status of the Hotel business Center? “It’s evolving,” says Steve Blidner CEO of TTI, “Business centers are still a service hotels need to provide, however, environments and guest requirements continue to change. Space has become an issue in many properties which opens the door to utilize new technologies.”

“One such example” Blidner went on to say is The Americana Inn, In New York. “The property had limited lobby space however their guests still needed to print boarding passes. Also they wanted to provide a concierge, market services and set up a profit center. We worked with them on the design and installed a touch screen tablet with a keyboard in an enclosure which has their logo engraved. The software consists of pictures upselling their hotel, boarding pass links with local airport info, and a concierge link.”

Rosa Wong, General Manager of the Americana Inn remarked "We are extremely happy with the creative solution that TTI provided us, as are our guests. Now we understand why they came so highly recommended. "

Guests at The Americana Inn easily print boarding passes and have access to full concierge services from the company of their choosing. The Americana Inn receives commissions directly from the company on all bookings.

TTI provides systems that allow guests to quickly access Boarding Passes, Social Networks, Email, Concierge Services and other functions. Additionally the company is harnessing the popularity of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablets that mount on various surfaces in beautiful enclosures that are easy to access.

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