DESKO and TTI Scanning Solutions provide hotel solution to speed up check-in process

Upon arrival at the hotel reception desk, guests provide extensive personal data, e.g. name or date of birth, before they will be handed over the room key. Most often the agent behind the desk populates these details manually, a time-consuming and error-prone process resulting in waiting times and faulty customer information. To streamline the check-in process and avoid queues in front of the reception desk, DESKO and industry leader TTI Scanning Solutions work together to automate and speed up data collection at check-in, thereby increasing accuracy and guest satisfaction.

Efficient combination of hardware and software

DESKO´s multifunctional scanning solution PENTA Scanner® and TTI´s software application Scan2PMS provide an efficient combination of hardware and software for a fast and convenient check-in process customized to the needs of the hotel. The PENTA Scanner® is an intuitive device allowing hotel staff to perform quick and reliable scans of documents such as passports, ID cards and drivers´ licenses. The staff member simply places the ID document on the scan window. The PENTA Scanner® captures ID and image data within seconds. In a next step, TTI´s application Scan2PMS automatically extracts all relevant guest information and populates the data directly into the appropriate fields of the hotel´s Property Management System (PMS). If desired, a digital image of the ID document or the facial photo can also be extracted. The collected information can be stored in a customer database for e.g. bonus programs or post stay marketing activities. Additionally, the accurate and fast ID authentication for hotel and hospitality businesses is proven to cut theft and chargebacks.

Automating data capture speeds up formalities and provides a high level of data accuracy hence accelerating the entire check-in process. “We received a lot of positive feedback on the PENTA Scanner. Along with our application Scan2PMS it helps to streamline operations at the reception desk and enable staff to focus on their primary task: serving the guest”, states Steve Blidner, CEO and founder of TTI.

DESKO is very pleased to cooperate with the experienced professionals at TTI Scanning Solutions. “Being an expert in the hospitality industry, TTI is the perfect partner for us to work with, now and in the future”, says Alexander Zahn, Managing Director of DESKO.

Scan2PMS – product facts

Scan2PMS is a customized application using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to capture data from ID documents and disperse it into the required fields. In addition, it can also extract a digital image of the entire ID document or the facial photo. The application can easily be integrated with third-party applications among those most Property Management Systems. Scan2PMS is in usage in hotels, night clubs and schools around the world, and even in the New York Police Department.

DESKO PENTA Scanner – product facts

The PENTA Scanner® is a user-friendly multidocument scanner providing accurate read results from ID documents, drivers´ licenses, barcodes, magnetic stripe and chip or smart cards. Handling the PENTA Scanner® is intuitive: just place the document on the large scan window. In one step the device automatically captures all relevant customer data and an image copy which can be stored for further processing or complying with internal or legal requirements.