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New guide by StayNTouch explores the most effective ways any hotel can spark guest engagement to unlock exponential growth

Bethesda, MD  (September 28, 2017) – Today, StayNTouch® announced the release of a new guide, 5 Guest Engagement Strategies Every Hotel Should Be Using. The high-level publication outlines actionable tactics for hotels to amplify their connections with guests to win new business, increase satisfaction and gain a help them gain a competitive advantage.

These days, guest engagement is more than just a buzzword. Hotels need to focus on guest engagement because it is a differentiator in today’s marketplace and has a profound impact on business success. The goal of guest engagement activities is to refine the guest journey through each touchpoint. The new guide is the current best practices developed over the past several years by the StayNTouch team, industry consultants, and successful hoteliers. By using the insights and tips, hotels can create an engagement model that outlines what kinds of experiences they want to deploy at each stage of the guest journey.

Highlights include:

  • How to provide a seamless omni-channel experience
  • Developing employee evangelism and passion that exemplifies your brand/service promise
  • Using communication to make guests feeling valued
  • Best ways to identify, acknowledge and retain your VIP guests
  • The importance of going the extra mile to answer questions and address complaints

“Today’s technology allows guest engagement to go many steps further than ever before,” explains Jos Schaap, CEO of StayNTouch. “Guest engagement isn’t only for current guests. It begins the moment a someone spots a mention of your hotel on social media or hears about your brand from a friend or family member. Adopting a well-orchestrated guest engagement strategy will ultimately boost revenue, loyalty and the lifetime value of each guest.”

Some hotels will find themselves right at the beginning of their guest engagement journey, while others may feel they are fully optimized.  Wherever your hotel is, the journey to seamless guest engagement across multiple channels is complex. This guide will provide examples of how properties at any stage can quickly ramp up to achieve a greater return on investment.

Download a free copy of 5 Guest Engagement Strategies Every Hotel Should Be Using by going to

About StayNTouch

StayNTouch is a "Software as a Service" hotel property management systems (PMS) company focused on developing solutions that help hotels raise service levels, drive revenues, reduce costs, and ultimately change the way hotels can captivate their guests. Developed with mobility in mind, the pioneering platform enables hotels to create long-lasting relationships with their guests by delivering personalized service levels that today’s guests require.

StayNTouch operates on tablets and smartphones, empowering hotel employees to go above and beyond in exceeding guest expectations at every touch point.

Powering over 75,000 rooms globally, our game-changing solution frees hotels from the constraints of legacy or premise systems, dramatically streamlines operations, increases margins, and revolutionizes how front-line staff connect with guests.

StayNTouch is a trusted partner to many of the most forward-thinking hotels, resorts, casinos and chains in the industry, including Yotel, Zoku Amsterdam, Valencia Hotels, The Freehand Hotels, Modus hotels and the Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

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