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Hospitality's mobile expert will unveil 'RoamAbout' designed to increase satisfaction, build loyalty and improve a hotel's bottom line; Visit RoamingAround in Booth  #447 at HITEC

BOSTON, MASS. - JUNE 10, 2015 - With industry buzz shifting from location, location, location to location based marketing (LBM), hospitality's mobile expert RoamingAround will introduce a new location based marketing platform next week at HITEC designed specifically for hoteliers and hotel marketers. RoamAbout by RoamingAround delivers localized and highly personalized indoor and outdoor mobile marketing campaigns that increase guest satisfaction, build loyalty and improve a hotel's bottom line. RoamAbout provides the necessary business intelligence that is currently lacking from an existing mobile app which has little or no regard for guests' preferences or proximity to the property. 

RoamAbout will be on display at HITEC, June 16 to 18 at the Austin (Texas) Convention Center, in Booth #447. To better equip attendees with the knowledge they need to properly shop for a location based marketing or guest-engagement solution, RoamingAround has identified five things hoteliers need to know before they go to HITEC.

1.   Location Based Marketing Engages Hoteliers and Their Guests - It's Real and it's Real Easy

Location based marketing simply means knowing where guests are and what they want - in real time. To tap into the power of location based marketing, hoteliers simply need to have an existing website or mobile app. RoamAbout easily converts a static online presence into a dynamic tool that collects data, preferences and the whereabouts of guests.

2.   Know What Your Guests Want by Asking Them

Remember the good old hospitality days when hoteliers asked guests what they want? Now there's an app for that. The RoamAbout Preference Manager is designed to impress guests by giving them exactly what they want, when and where they want it. The intelligence behind the system enables the preference manager to learn, infer and gather declared data through what the user is doing on the app, which helps to deliver more relevant, personalized content to the user. This is best for guests because there is no spamming or blanket blasts, thus ensuring trust between the guest and the brand. 

Whether guests are interested in food and beverage, spa, wellness, nightlife, golf, local attractions or looking to find an exercise partner, they will be sure to find exactly what they are looking for or discover what they didn't know they were missing. RoamAbout gives each guest an individual experience that makes their stay more rewarding.

3.   It's All Good for the Neighborhood … and Front Lobby

Travelers can start engaging from the moment they touchdown on the tarmac. RoamAbout's user friendly dashboard enables hoteliers to create location based marketing messages to welcome guests or groups of guests. With minimal planning, hoteliers can set notifications for VIP arrivals by air, car or walking. As guests become closer in proximity to the hotel, staff can prepare for their arrival, check them in, prepare their key, grab a cookie and welcome them at the front entrance. 

Because hoteliers know what guests are looking for, they can connect their customers with the right artisans and local proprietors. Start a symbiotic relationship with the neighborhood by contacting the top 25 most trusted venues recommended by the concierge. Ask these local proprietors to join the hotel's location based marketing network. These businesses can use the hotel's automated LBM content manager to upload pictures, menus and specials in real-time. Hotels can then deliver metrics on how many guests visited these local establishments, how long did they stay there, etc. This enables the hotel to monetize the relationship or establish more integrated partnerships.

4.  Reach Guests and Staff Wherever They May RoamAbout

RoamAbout delivers localized and highly personalized indoor and outdoor mobile marketing campaigns. Hoteliers can welcome guests as they enter the restaurant or spa, lead them to explore the property's unique hospitality style and entertainment. They can also give each guest an individualized experience based on their preferences, making each stay pleasantly surprising and exponentially more rewarding. Because hotel staff also is connected, marketers can push a message to any member of the team. Are they entering through the front door as requested? Do they meet a guest to open the door? Will they have enough time to clean the room and put out the Vegan Cookie plate? Operations and back-of-house staff can be closely monitored to increase productivity.

5.  Location Based Marketing Benefits a Hotel's Bottom line

Using proximity marketing in conjunction with the RoamAbout Preference Manager delivers targeted offerings and VIP rewards that can be redeemed immediately to produce incremental revenues. The business rules and intelligence (currently lacking in existing mobile applications) will provide a very powerful tool to capitalize on motivating guests to take action and encouraging them to spend additional dollars. By creating a neighborhood ecosystem within the hotel destination, local partnerships can pay to be on the hotel's app knowing that its guests will utilize the hotel application as their mobile concierge. Once guests leave the property, hoteliers are left with robust, real-time reporting and an ever-evolving Preference Manager that will continuously dive deeper into the profiling of guests to convert them to loyal, repeat customers.

Schedule a demo with RoamingAround at HITEC in Booth #447 by calling the RoamingAround sales team at (978) 777-8787 Ext. 308 or email Learn how RoamAbout's intelligent location based marketing and engagement solution can revolutionize the way guests engage with the hotel through their mobile device. 

About RoamingAround

RoamingAround provides a suite of mobile engagement solutions designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Today, your guests live their lives on their mobile devices, and that's precisely where you need to reach them-before someone else does. From large conference hotels and upscale resorts to independent, intimate boutique properties, RoamingAround's powerful mobile engagement options can be customized for your property's individual goals, are compatible with every device on the market and feature vital customer profile and back-end tracking tools for predictive analysis and measurable results. More information can be found by visiting

Contact: Barb Worcester, PRPro / 440-930-5770

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