MANCHESTER, NH– September 21, 2016 – Xeros, the innovator of an ultra-low water laundry system, announced today that it has agreed with Jamsan Hotel Management (JHM) Group that its award-winning polymer bead cleaning laundry system is to be installed in each of its hotels. The program will see the replacement of conventional washers in more than 50 properties with Xeros laundry systems which reduce their water and energy costs without sacrificing the quality of service to their hotel customers.

Jamsan Hotel Management is a national hospitality management company based in Lexington, MA, with 50 hotels, and totaling over 3,500 rooms across New England.

"After our initial installation of a Xeros system we quickly became impressed with Xeros' commitment to customer satisfaction, service, and their water saving technology," said Ashok Patel, VP of Development at Jamsan Hotel Management. "The reasons to choose Xeros are almost too numerous to count including superior cleaning, extending linen life, the best service model in the industry, and reducing our ecological footprint — needless to say we are very happy with our decision."

The Xeros laundry system replaces up to 80% of the water with polymer beads that gently massage textiles to provide superior cleaning results as compared to conventional aqueous washing methods. By combining the beads' molecular structure with a proprietary detergent solution, dirt from soiled items is attracted and absorbed by the beads, producing cleaner results in ambient water. The reusable beads have a lifespan of hundreds of washes before being collected and recycled. The patented, award-winning system uses 80% less water, up to 50% less energy, and approximately 50% less detergent than traditional systems.

"Our partnership with the JHM Group illustrates the power of the combining superior service with a breakthrough technology," said Jonathan Benjamin, Global President of Laundry at Xeros. "The Xeros system delivers reduced water use and improves customer satisfaction with our Sbeadycare service platform. With this win-win value proposition, we are excited about the potential for continued growth throughout the region and aim to become the de facto standard for eco-friendly washing systems in the hospitality industry."

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Click here to view a video on how the Xeros polymer bead cleaning laundry system works.