Hotel located in world’s tallest wooden building leverages VingCard Essence to provide unmatched security and Mobile Access-ready compatibility while utilizing the lock’s minimalistic design to blend in seamlessly with surrounding environments.

Stockholm – March 4, 2020 – ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has announced the successful implementation of VingCard Essence Mobile-Access ready door locks at the newly constructed Wood Hotel in Brumunddal, Norway. Located within Mjøstårnet Tower, the world’s tallest wooden building with a total of 18 stories that also simultaneously serve as apartments and offices, Wood Hotel with VingCard Essence can ensure that both security integrity and guest convenience remain at the highest level despite the frequent entering and exiting of large numbers of visitors or residents into the building.

As a location boasting a unique interior design thanks to its wooden construction, Wood Hotel sought out a security access solution that could blend in seamlessly with its surroundings and not disrupt the building’s décor with a commercial and bulky appearance. Using VingCard Essence’s minimalistic approach, the hotel was able to achieve this goal due to all electronic components being encased within the door itself and ensuring that only a stylish door handle and sleek RFID/BLE reader are visible. As a result of Mjøstårnet tower’s multi-purpose role, VingCard Essence’s advanced security abilities are also especially vital in ensuring safe and authorized access throughout all areas of the hotel. For example, the solution utilizes the latest security encryption protocols to eliminate any risk of unauthorized keycard cloning. When used in online mode, VingCard Essence further provides staff with the ability to instantly cancel lost or stolen keycards, and can alert staff to the presence of a wandering intruder attempting to use a keycard on multiple doors.

“Mjøstårnet Tower is an outstanding accomplishment in engineering innovation and design, and it is only appropriate for the Wood Hotel to be safeguarded with the latest in security access technology that the industry has to offer,” says Arthur Buchardt, owner of Mjøstårnet. “VingCard Essence aligns perfectly

with this objective, not only ensuring that we are able to fully meet the security demands of today while preserving our building’s unique character, but also providing us with the infrastructure needed to address the security access concerns of the future.”

Designed with a focus on ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions’ future-proof philosophy, VingCard Essence locks are engineered to be Mobile Access compatible, a feature that maximizes convenience by providing users with the ability to access rooms using personal devices as a secure digital key. With VingCard Essence already implemented at Wood Hotel, property leadership can instantly activate Mobile Access whenever demand for the functionality arises and without the need to perform complex integrations or replace existing hardware.

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