All-in-one platform leverages advanced RFID and cloud-based technologies to provide hotel staff with effortless control and cost saving insights over the entire linen management cycle.  

Stockholm –June 22, 2023 – ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, a leading provider of advanced security technology for the hospitality industry, together with ASSA ABLOY Group member, HID Global, has today announced the official launch of the Acuity digital linen management platform. Engineered by leveraging the technological expertise of the ASSA ABLOY Group, Acuity represents a dramatic shift over how hoteliers manage their laundry and linen operations, replacing time-consuming and error-prone manual processes with effortless automation and enhanced data intelligence that optimizes efficiency and service quality while minimizing associated costs.

Whether for towels, bed sheets or tablecloths, Acuity significantly features the ability to instantly identify any individual item and determine its current status. With the attaching of a small RFID reader tag designed to withstand countless washer and dryer cycles, Acuity can automatically list item type, size, the total number of laundry cycles previously performed, as well as an item’s real status within the current cycle. Able to be deployed in combination with a tabletop station and/or an RFID cabinet, Acuity can track and monitor the status of multiple linen items simultaneously, providing employees with substantial time savings while boosting the efficiency and reporting accuracy of laundry operations. For needs that may arise throughout a hotel’s premises, Acuity also includes a handheld terminal for managing and tracking linen inventory on the go.

A solution that exists within the cloud, Acuity also features a comprehensive, yet user-friendly dashboard that can be accessed from virtually any device enabled with an internet connection. Using the dashboard, hotel staff can instantly identify current stock levels, including cleaned items that are being returned for use, as well as soiled items that either due to be sent out for cleaning or that are already undergoing the process. The system can significantly determine appropriate stock levels and can provide staff with vital guidance to ensure that levels never fall below required amounts.

Dina Dekhi, Director of Strategic Partnerships at ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, emphasizes the significance of hotel laundry operations in meeting guest needs and ensuring the quality of items while tracking losses. However, she highlights the potential challenges that can arise when managers stick to manual and inefficient approaches, as these can disrupt daily work routines and strain business budgets. To address these challenges, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has introduced Acuity, a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes the management of hotel laundry operations. Acuity offers a more efficient and cost-effective approach, ensuring optimal inventory levels and providing real-time tracking of every linen asset.

Introducing Acuity to the global hotel industry, as it offers a superior, more efficient, and cost-effective solution for managing laundry operations. Acuity ensures constant monitoring of linen assets in real-time, regardless of the item type, size, or volume, and maintains optimal inventory levels at all times. By implementing Acuity, hotels can streamline their laundry processes while adhering to hotel PAR standards.

With Acuity, hotels can effectively track their linens throughout the entire laundry process, from arrival to return to the guest rooms. This advanced system enables seamless tracking and monitoring of the linens, allowing hotel staff to easily locate specific items, monitor their quality, and track any losses or excessive waste.

As an end-to-end linen management solution, Acuity’s feature rich dashboard also provides high-value reporting analytics such as the current condition of individual items. Based on the number of laundry cycles that an item has accumulated, hotel staff can be alerted to any replacement needs and can keep track of deteriorated linen assets that have been disposed. Acuity’s linen RFID tags can even prevent hotel assets from being lost to theft, with sensors placed at building entrances that can detect the moment an item leaves the property.

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