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by John Hendrie

It has been a wild several months for the State of New Hampshire.  Yea for politics!  This is the land of the White Mountains, historic cities, Grand Dame Hotels (Mt. Washington Hotel), water recreation (like Lake Winnipesaukee where Mitt Romney has a small colony) and strolling the streets of Portsmouth.  But, nothing awakens that Yankee Pride like an election with the process unfolding every four years.  Other states might enjoy the attention, but New Hampshire gets the biggest “bang for the buck”.

When does the energy and campaign strategy begin?  Well, right after the election for a president for many soon to be candidates.  So, while the PACs are loading the campaign coffers, teams are planning the race.  As New Hampshire is the first state to have an election (Iowa is actually the first exposure, but it has a caucus system, which is widely questioned) these two states are the beginning of the winnowing of potential candidates.  The public is shown all the hoopla, as campaign Brands are sold.  Exposure and momentum from Iowa and New Hampshire lead the field into the real action, starting with South Carolina, Nevada and then the SEC states.

Naturally, New Hampshire seeks those tourist dollars throughout the year from the “leafers” to the skiers and to the biker rally in Laconia.  But, it sure is nice to have those campaigns looking to book hotels, restaurants, car rentals and the like – all in advance of that initial entry into National politics from a local stage.  All those staffers, campaign leaders and assorted volunteers need to be lodged, fed and transported throughout the primary season, which in New Hampshire lasts at minimum for two years.  And, let’s not forget the media, who at some events outnumber the crowd there to hear a speech or seek a one on one with the various candidates.  It seems that every resident of New Hampshire is interviewed as to their “leaning” months before leading to Primary night.  It is very hard to believe the number of undecided voters.  The candidates and the media honchos are naturally treated very well, which spells a pretty good “spend” for the Hospitality businesses throughout the state.

The hubs throughout the state (Manchester, Portsmouth, Concord and Nashua) receive the most benefit, but the election fever does tend to “lift all boats” across the Hospitality landscape.  It is as if the Tourist trade is the “cherry on top”.  Yea for prime time!

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