by John R. Hendrie

Go ahead, tell your story. That is really what your future guests want. Write it down. Cast that story line out, reel them in, land them and deliver on your promise.

Ms. Bronyon White, a strategic consultant, had a wonderful take on this evolution with an article about how marketing efforts must use content to influence.

Printed collaterals and material really are a waste of money if they are your major marketing focus. Everyone is Wired. We are smashed by those visceral visionary senses, knocked out; we become suspended in reality. You got our attention but missed the connection. A picture is fleeting; I see so many. Give me some substance.

Ms. White pointed out that 58% of travelers turn to the web for inspiration. With your content, you can “…build trust, reputation and authority with search engines”, she avows. Gain that emotional connection and edge!

We hype the experience. We are all going to be exhausted creating those experiences and forget some of the foundation for that experience(s) – namely a clean setting, a safe environment, a decent product – the quality aspects of the experience. Soon that experience shall morph into one not at all, and we are back at the essence of hospitality. It sounds a little screwy, but remember, that pendulum does swing.

We do not have to really know artificial intelligence or algorithms, but we do have to be aware and understand that the market strikes so swiftly. Aim for that emotional connection with your content.