SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO (September 2023): Travel Outlook, The Premier Hotel Call Center™, is pleased to announce a partnership with MosaicVoice, a groundbreaking AI call center solution that offers real-time guidance to agents.

MosaicVoice and Travel Outlook partnered to develop a revolutionary tool for Travel Outlook’s call center agents to help them handle hundreds of global clients while providing on-site level customer service. MosaicVoice gives Travel Outlook agents an edge over the competition by increasing call quality and significantly reducing the amount of time required for training.

MosaicVoice provides on-screen guidance for agents in real-time, making it easy for Travel Outlook agents to transition from call to call across hundreds of different properties. With MosaicVoice AI-powered tech, agents receive real-time answers to caller questions on their screen mid-conversation.

“In addition to being a powerful tool for our agents, MosaicVoice has enabled us to significantly increase our visibility and oversight of our reservation agents beyond our initial projections. In particular, the real-time transcription and dynamic customer intent AI engine has given us the tools needed to ensure the agents can be the best representatives for our clients,” Brett Puffenberger, Vice-President Operations at Travel Outlook.

Travel Outlook is adding MosaicVoice to its existing arsenal of technology, including the innovative guest-led conversational AI tool Annette, the Virtual Hotel Agent. Annette offers best-in-class caller engagement, unrivaled flexibility for callers, and provides an engaging, on-brand experience. Annette’s technology allows customers to lead the conversation, creating natural, human-like interactions and affordably answering 60 to 70% of the calls for the front desk team.

“We’re excited to team up with Travel Outlook to create the ultimate conversation tool. MosaicVoice allows Travel Outlook’s agents to bring an unparalleled level of attention and customer service to each call, improve call quality, and decrease the necessary training time for agents seven times over,” Julian McCarty, Co-Founder & CEO at MosaicVoice.

Travel Outlook works with the leading brands in the hospitality industry. Our award-winning Reservations Specialists now have the best available technology to boost reservations and increase revenue for our clients.

For additional information on Travel Outlook, The Premier Hotel Call Center™ John Smallwood, President [email protected] Mobile 505-470-3241