Leading hotel technology provider to deliver industry education and informational resources for hoteliers looking to deploy staff safety button solutions

Chicago – October 28, 2019 – TraknProtect, a leading provider of real-time location technology purpose-built for the hospitality industry, has announced the launch of a specially developed educational series on staff safety legislation, compliance and implementation. The series kicked off last week with the premiere of TrakCast, a new podcast dedicated to educating the industry on advances in hospitality technology.

Hosted by TraknProtect’s Monica Newsome, TrakCast’s “Safety Button Series” will feature regular updates on staff safety legislation that is rapidly sweeping the country. In the inaugural episode, Monica interviewed Parminder Batra, TraknProtect’s CEO on New Jersey’s landmark legislation requiring all hotels in the state to implement a staff safety alert solution by December 2019. With the upcoming deadlines that hotels face for compliance, Batra outlined best practices for hoteliers that will allow them to deploy a solution that ensures the most advanced location-based security protocol and adequately protects them from liability and the potential legal consequences of non-compliance.

In addition to the launch of the TrakCast podcast, TraknProtect is also planning a series of interactive webinars on the topic. The first webinar will take place on Wednesday, October 30 at 2 PM Eastern. In this free online event, Batra will again detail the New Jersey panic button legislation and provide expert tips for hoteliers looking to get the most appropriate solution for their properties in the region. Participants who would like to learn what it takes to implement a staff safety solution and hear more about the requirements can register here.

“As a pioneer of safety button technology for the industry, we feel a strong responsibility to educate hoteliers on their available options,” said TraknProtect CEO and co-founder, Parminder Batra. “As more and more cities and states begin to propose and endorse legislation that requires hotels to implement a staff safety solution, we will continue to develop and deploy educational resources that are intended to help hoteliers understand how to get ahead of the curve and mitigate the inherent risks.”

The TraknProtect staff safety platform consists of a series of hubs that are strategically placed around the property. These hubs are designed to interface directly with hotel staff safety buttons (panic buttons) and inventory tracking equipment. Using state-of-the-art advanced, cloud-based geo-location technology, TraknProtect triangulates the exact location of employees in real time whenever a staff safety alert button is activated. The company’s intuitive software then sends immediate signals from active staff safety alert buttons to the appropriate personnel, based on their location or through user activation, which can then be received via desktop, SMS, email, or phone calls. The solution works similarly to locate trackable equipment, such as food service trays and other valuable hotel inventory.

All of these functions are accessed using TraknProtect’s simple dashboard, which can track real-time analytics on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. The platform has been designed as a holistic way to provide security to the most vulnerable elements of a hotel’s operations – its employees – and it does so by leveraging a property’s existing Wi-Fi and devices. With no additional infrastructure or wiring necessary, hotels can access the TraknProtect platform and provide immediate security to their employees.

To learn more about TraknProtect’s award-winning staff safety solution and the educational resources available, please visit www.traknprotect.com.