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New reporting module offers greater visibility for hoteliers

HOUSTON, TX, June 12, 2015- SHR, an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, today announced they will preview their new reporting module, Windsurfer Analytics, during HITEC 2015 in Austin, TX June 16-18.

"We are proud to introduce Windsurfer Analytics to the industry and our clients. The advanced features offered allow great flexibility to our users to ensure they get the right information, at the right time, to make important decisions regarding their distribution strategy," says Estella Hale, VP of Products for SHR. 

The module offers over 20 reports that can be filtered based on any aspect of a reservation record, allowing users greater visibility of performance of different channels, marketing promotions, packages, etc. Users can get information and insights quickly with the more visual representation of data and easy to use filter options within Windsurfer Analytics.

The module comes with a customizable dashboard that users can set up depending on their specific needs. The entire reporting module is responsive, so users can access reports on the fly, with any device. Hotel chains and brands have access to consolidated numbers across their entire portfolio, or they can choose to drill down to specific regions or hotels. 

The dashboard within Windsurfer Analytics that offers a quick snapshot of hotel performance.
Get a quick view of channel distribution year over year on the Windsurfer Analytics dashboard.

About SHR

SHR is an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry. The company serves thousands of properties around the globe on its distribution platform, WindsurferCRS. With a focus on flexibility for the hotelier and creating a memorable experience for the guest, WindsurferCRS provides optimal functionality for all types of properties. SHR's Whiteboard Labs provides custom solutions for the hospitality industry, including custom booking engines, website design and development, and cutting edge applications. Hoteliers can tap into SHR's expertise and knowledge of the industry by utilizing the Revenue Management for Hire service-a cost effective revenue management solution for any property.

Additional information about SHR and hospitality industry trends may be found at the Company's website:  

(SHR is the trade name for Sceptre Hospitality Resources, LLC)

Contact: Abbie Deaver / 303.220.2168

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