HOUSTON, TX, October 15, 2015– SHR, an innovative provider of advanced distribution technology and services for the hospitality industry, today announced they have launched blended rates functionality within their proprietary WindsurferCRS.

“At SHR, we saw the need for blended rates in the CRS so hotels can launch more flexible promotions and avoid denial scenarios,” says Estella Hale, VP of Products for SHR. “We are continuously innovating to provide the best technology possible to hoteliers, and we believe the added functionality of blended rates to WindsurferCRS is another step in this direction.”

The blended rates functionality allows hoteliers to configure the CRS in a way so that consumers get availability across their entire stay, even if a specific rate isn’t available on specific nights. This ensures that guests are shown true availability at a hotel, which helps to decrease booking abandonment due to availability restrictions.