Marriott International has signed a global contract with Shiji that will enable the expansion of Shiji’s Infrasys Cloud POS to Marriott hotels all over the world.

CHEVY CHASE, Maryland, USA, October 17, 2023 – Shiji, the global hospitality technology innovator, announced today that a Master Service Agreement has been signed which will allow for expanded use of Infrasys Cloud Point-of-Sale (POS) in Marriott International hotels in Africa, Asia Pacific, the Caribbean and Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Infrasys Cloud POS is Shiji’s flagship POS, built for enterprise hotel companies as a cloud-based POS.

Infrasys Cloud POS is one of the few global hospitality POS solutions used in every continent of the world with growing fiscal and legal compliance, making it a preferred solution for many global hotel companies.

“Marriott is the largest and most well-known hotel brand in the world, so to say that we value our collaboration would be an understatement. I am proud of both the Shiji and the Marriott teams for signing this MSA; this marks a major step toward expanding Infrasys Cloud POS to more Marriott locations to streamline operations and improve the guest experience,” stated Kevin King, COO of Shiji.

Boasting dozens of API-based integrations, a hardware-agnostic design, and an enterprise focus, Shiji’s Infrasys Cloud POS is a robust choice for larger hotel groups such as Marriott. The two teams plan to continue working together to bring a modern POS experience to Marriott’s staff and guests worldwide.