Shiji launches Shiji Digital PayBy: Integrated payment solution for hotels, enabling faster, secure, and compliant transactions, enhancing guest experiences.

ATLANTA, Georgia, USA, June 16, 2023 – Shiji, the global hospitality innovator, announced the launch of Shiji Digital PayBy. A transformative integrated payment solution, uniquely tailored for hotel operators and managers, built to facilitate guest experience through faster and more secure, efficient, and globally compliant transactions.

In an increasingly digital era, hospitality professionals have recognized the need for a seamless and reliable approach to managing and processing guest payments. Shiji’s new solution, Shiji Digital PayBy, responds to this demand. Built on the foundation of 2-WayPMS connectivity, Shiji Digital PayBy allows hoteliers to securely capture card details or collect payment from guests via a simple link.

Shiji Digital PayBy, integrates reservation details speeding up the payment request process. To support accuracy and transparency, agents are provided with a real-time folio balance view during the creation of payment links. Payments are then automatically posted into the Property Management System (PMS), or updated to the attached token, saving hoteliers the time-consuming task of manual updates.

Shiji has ensured an Application Programming Interface (API) interacts with PayBy. The API functionality allows various platforms, such as pre-stay communication, In Room TV, and Banquet/Event platforms, to independently generate payment requests, eliminating the need for an agent user interface. Thus, removing payment request friction.

The system diligently processes payments via eCommerce channels, incorporating the latest 3D Secure(PSD2) and fraud screening measures. This not only reduces the risk and compliance concerns associated with manual payment forms but also ensures an optimal level of security for all transactions.

“We’re confident that Shiji Digital PayBy will greatly improve guest experience in the industry. Designed to simplify and streamline payment processes while maximizing security and minimizing risk. We’re excited about the transformative potential of this product for hotels around the world.” Said James Montague, Senior Director Shiji Payment Solutions.

To find out more about Shiji Digital PayBy visit the website.