Percipia Collaborates With Lenovo to Debut Lenovo Smart Tab for Hospitality

/Percipia Collaborates With Lenovo to Debut Lenovo Smart Tab for Hospitality

Percipia Collaborates With Lenovo to Debut Lenovo Smart Tab for Hospitality

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Chicago, IL – Percipia, the leader in hospitality telephony and mobility solutions, has partnered with Lenovo™ to bring their technology to the guest-room. Percipia’s PMS interface gateway, Parallax, along with Percipia’s mobility platform, Latitude, power the Lenovo Smart Tab to bring the ultimate hospitality experience to each and every guest-room.

Percipia is known for their hospitality interface engine, Parallax, which ties in any hospitality system on property, to give guest and staff a seamless experience. When guests interact with Latitude mobile application platform, they communicate to all hotel systems like the PMS, concierge, workflow automation, in-room controls, valet, etc. all from one single user interface. Percipia and Lenovo’s new partnership will now offer the at-home experience in the guest-room. When guests check-in to their rooms, they are going to see the same familiar device they have at home: the Lenovo Smart Tab.

“Every hotel is different; they all have various amenities, applications, PMS’s, PBX’s, and procedures. We promise a custom and unique experience for every hotel, but the guests want a standard hospitality experience at every hotel they book. Now that we have partnered with Lenovo, we can offer that familiar at-home experience in each guest-room across any brand. The look and feel of every Latitude application are custom, but the requests and integrations will all be the same. I am excited for our new partnership with Lenovo and I can’t wait to bring the next phase of guest-room technology to our industry; the ‘At-home experience’.” – Michael Velasquez, Percipia CEO.

The Lenovo Smart Tab for hospitality operates on Android™ Oreo v8.1. Showcasing the same aesthetic design as the consumer versions of the Lenovo Smart Tabs in market, the Lenovo Smart Tab is a 2-in-1 tablet featuring a 10.1-inch Full HD touchscreen plus a smart dock that can turn it into a smart screen with AI voice when docked. The smart dock has full-range stereo speakers that ring out with ultra-clear audio for cinematic sound. Its three far-field microphones can pick up communication from across the room and AI voice interaction.

Lenovo and Percipia are working together to develop a robust and secure AI voice solution for the hospitality industry. Lenovo smart devices feature various industry leading AI voice platforms which position Percipia to enter the AI voice phase of their roadmap. With development already in progress, expect to see a working deployed solution by the end of this year.

Percipia’s Latitude on the Lenovo Smart Tab is available now for the hospitality industry.

About Percipia

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Percipia's mission is to continue to be a respected leader in hospitality technology by delivering telephony and mobility solutions, software, and services in the most innovative and cost-effective way. Parallax application (formerly PTCE) was introduced 20 years ago, which enabled them to interface existing telephony systems with nearly all property management systems and third-party applications. Since then, Percipia has evolved their product offering to include a full-featured hospitality telephone system and custom mobile applications which enhances the guest experience and streamlines operations.

At Percipia, they pride themselves on their ability to provide reliable and exceptional service to their global partners, clients, and guests. The Percipia team works diligently to build next generation innovative solutions based on hands-on knowledge of the industry. As a result, they have become a trusted and respected organization who always leads with hospitality.

For additional information about Percipia, call 800-806-0408 or visit

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