Percipia Adds Operator Solution to Frequency PBX

/Percipia Adds Operator Solution to Frequency PBX

Percipia Adds Operator Solution to Frequency PBX

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Chicago, IL – June 27, 2017 – Percipia, the U.S. based leader in hospitality telephony integration, has announced a new major addition to their Frequency PBX system, Frequency Operator. Frequency Operator will allow a visual display of telephony activity for receptionists, call centers, and supervisors. The web-based software allows for interactive phone controls and a real-time overview of admin extension status.

“As software developers, we are always looking forward to updating and enhancing our products,” said Michael Velasquez, CEO, Percipia. “Our new PBX Operator solution is a highly desired addition that many clients will appreciate and utilize. Being able to manage calls from a computer will make property response time more efficient and make your guests happier.”

The Operator solution will enhance the operator’s experience with seamless voice transfers. Whether clients have one or multiple properties, Frequency Operator can manage all incoming calls across multiple Frequency PBX systems. Frequency Operator is available on the latest release of Frequency PBX.

About Percipia

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Percipia is globally recognized as a technology leader within the hospitality industry.  Percipia has an established presence as a pioneer in the advancement of next-generation guestroom technologies, including IP Telephony, system integration, messaging platforms, and feature-rich applications. Our versatile and innovative solutions improve operational efficiency and enhance the guest experience.  For additional information about Percipia, call 800-806-0408 or visit us at

Contact: Kal Matar

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