London, May 07 2019 – KNOWCROSS, the preferred service quality management platform of the finest hotels, is now the favored choice of Oetker Collection to further improve service levels. The Collection has decided to implement Knowcross’ KNOW Glitch module, with an advanced interface to Opera, that automatically updates guest profile notes when a Glitch is reported.

KNOW Glitch has successfully been implemented at the iconic Bristol Paris and will be rolled out across other Oetker Collection properties over the next few months.

“We’re delighted to have implemented Knowcross!” commented Christos Andreopoulos, Head of Information Technology, Oetker Collection. “Each Oetker Collection hotel is iconic and one-of-a-kind, offering unique and memorable experiences to affluent and astute travelers. This makes it important for us to track and resolve service failures instantly, allowing us to always keep our service quality standards very high. KNOW Glitch enables us do this very effectively” exclaimed Christos.

KNOW Glitch helps hotels capture, track, investigate and satisfactorily resolve service issues that inconvenience guests, while the guests are still in the hotel, thus significantly reducing guest dissatisfaction.

“Hotels under Oetker Collection are known for their exceptional guest service. This makes it imperative for them to utilize systems to streamline and improve internal processes when a guest is dissatisfied. Switching to KNOW Glitch ensures prompt service-recovery and drives guest satisfaction scores” said Paritosh Kumar, VP (Europe) at Knowcross.