Food and beverage businesses need to budget for mobile payment implementation – including digital wallet and POS integration – NOW!

[Denver, Colo. and New York, Nov. 1, 2016]—According to the 2016 Customer Engagement Technology Study, 68 percent of restaurants will implement mobile payment technology as a standard offering by 2017. The study shows that mobile payment is a deciding factor for 56 percent of restaurant patrons when selecting a dine-in restaurant and 66 percent say it’s a factor when choosing a take-out/delivery establishment. MyCheck, the leading mobile payment platform provider to the hospitality industry, is helping restaurateurs and hoteliers simplify the mobile payment installation process by equipping them with advanced technologies – such as digital wallet (MyWallet) and integration to more than 27 point-of-sale systems around the world (MyPOS) – that will help grow each business.

“Hoteliers and restaurateurs who are planning to upgrade or replace their POS systems in 2017 should be implementing a mobile payment strategy at the same time,” said MyCheck U.S. CEO Tal Zvi Nathanel. “MyCheck extends the power of a hotel or restaurant POS to handle rewards, special offers, discounts, loyalty and more. Our technology is proven to transform the customer experience, boost top line revenues and increase engagement.”

The 2016 Lodging Technology Study shows that 21 percent of hotels currently facilitate Mobile Payments and 24 percent plan to upgrade existing technology by 2017. In addition, 24 percent of hotels plan to add mobile payment technology, while 31 percent don’t plan to use it at all.

“It’s perplexing to me that some businesses refuse to add a service that their mobile-dependent customers specifically say they want,” Nathanel said. “The 2016 Customer Engagement Technology Study shows that 61 percent of patrons want a mobile payment option, yet only 49% of restaurants are offering it. Mobile payment means no more waiting for the check or the credit-card slip and no more fumbling around to figure out how to split the check. It’s a simple way to provide an Uber-like experience for hotel and restaurant customers. At the same time, a mobile payment strategy dramatically improves operations for owners and managers. Tables are turned faster – up to 10 minutes faster in some cases, which drives revenues to the bottom line. Servers are happier with higher tips and less hassle, especially when handling split checks.”

MyCheck accepts all methods of payment – including standard credit cards, debit cards but also other wallet players like, Master Pass, Visa, Paypal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

“Mobile Payments is ranked in the top three new technology roll outs for 2017,” Nathanel said. “This in-demand technology is beating mobile key, guestroom controls, mobile apps for customer use, energy management, interactive digital signage and IPTV as a must-have technology for the coming year. Isn’t it time you planned your mobile payment strategy?”

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