New strategic technology partner alliance allows hotels to deliver high-bandwidth IPTV content, internet access and connectivity to guests over legacy coaxial cable networks.

Stockholm & Washington DC – June 27, 2023 – InnSpire, the leading provider of a comprehensive technology suite that helps drive a seamless, world-class guest experience for some of the world’s most iconic hotels and brands, today announced a strategic partnership with Positron Access Solutions, a leading provider of carrier-grade telecommunications systems for the hospitality sector and other markets. Positron’s advanced converged Gigabit Ethernet solution increases both the bandwidth and the distance at which it can be delivered to guestrooms, even within remote campus-style properties, over the existing legacy coaxial cabling infrastructure or copper pairs for easy repurposing of the existing facilities.

The new partnership between InnSpire and Positron Access provides hoteliers with the high-speed connectivity needed to support InnSpire’s award-winning guestroom IPTV solutions and other hotel applications, as well as reliable guest high speed Wi-Fi and internet-based services. Positron’s Access Multiplexer (GAM) technology delivers gigabit bandwidth over the existing coaxial infrastructure directly to the back of the TV in each guestroom with no amplifiers. A single connection at this optimal location is convenient and makes it possible for hoteliers to optimize the functionality of InnSpire’s guestroom entertainment solutions and to provide extremely fast Internet and other guest services. The combined InnSpire/Positron solution delivers greatly increased Internet speeds at a fraction of the time and cost of a fiber retrofit with no construction disruption or downtime to the hotel or guest rooms during installation.

“Our strategic partnership with Positron allows our IPTV systems and other internet-dependent services that we offer to the hotel market to work optimally, while minimizing the time and cost of installation,” said Martin Chevalley, InnSpire CEO. “Many of our customers’ properties are housed in legacy buildings that need to upgrade their infrastructure to enhance internet access, and Positron is the ideal solution for providing that foundation of scalable and reliable connectivity – both quickly and efficiently.”

InnSpire’s award-winning digital solutions work collaboratively to allow for guest control over their entire travel experience, from guestroom access to temperature and lighting. The company’s full-featured Guest Journey App, its InnCable and InnSmart in-room TV solutions, iOT-based room controls and the innovative “F&B Anywhere” solution all work in concert via the property’s Wi-Fi network to provide travelers and hotel operators with seamless and highly personalized command over the guest experience.

“Our new alliance with InnSpire means that guests at our joint customer hotel properties can now enjoy reliable high-speed Wi-Fi, IPTV, streaming HD content, online gaming, e-Concierge and other bandwidth-intensive services instantly with the GAM enabling converged Gigabit Ethernet over the existing coaxial infrastructure,” said Pierre Trudeau, president of Positron. “Our GAM system allows a seamless transition to IPTV without disruption, providing seamless connectivity to InnSpire customers at a fraction of the cost of rewiring.”

Both InnSpire and Positron will be exhibiting their solutions at HITEC 2023 in Toronto, taking place June 26-29th. InnSpire is located in Booth # 2019, with Positron showcasing its GAM technology in Booth # 323.

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