IDeaS delivers a step-by-step guide to better understand the tools and technology needed for maximizing revenue and increasing efficiency

MINNEAPOLIS— Sept. 28, 2022—IDeaS Revenue Solutions, a SAS company, the world’s leading provider of hospitality revenue management software and services, today announced the release of its Annual Hotel Revenue Management Ultimate Buyer’s Guide. The Guide was designed to help hospitality professionals who are facing serious post-pandemic challenges such as labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, inflation, and economic slowdown,

The buyer’s guide is available at

There are many options for revenue management solutions in the market today. Gaining insight into the nuances and capabilities of different pricing tools and revenue management systems is critical ahead of any revenue management software (RMS) purchase.

The 2022 Revenue Management Buyer’s Guide provides:

•  Key benefits of an RMS and detail to better understand the technology

•  Best options for consideration when selecting an RMS vendor

•  Insight into the distinctive features and benefits of RMS solutions

•  A comprehensive comparison matrix between IDeaS solutions and competitors

•  Information to calculate the return on investment of RMS

Dr. Ravi Mehrotra, co-founder and chief scientist, IDeaS, said: “If the past two years have shown us nothing else, it has made it clear that the industry must do more with less. At IDeaS, our job is to ensure our clients understand how best-in-class revenue management solutions can help them maximize profitability. However, there are important distinctions in the capabilities between pricing tools and revenue management systems. We believe our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide will provide insight into these differences and answer key questions to inform the industry about RMS technology.”