By Ron Tully

A decade and a few years after the new millennium, the tourism and hospitality industry have become witness of the rise of the newest breed of tourists and travelers alike, who are slowly dominating the globetrotting population.

‘Millenials’, as they are collectively called are individuals who are described as attention-seekers, modern and those who crave for learning while they travel. Fortunately, one of the newest and booming trends in hospitality and tourism is arts to quench their thirst.

In previous years, hotel across the world have started to adapt the newest trend in the industry. Today, art is no longer merely for the pleasure of the eyes as mere decorations, but hotels now double the function of their space as collectors of artworks from all kinds of artists.

The hotel industry has discovered that incorporating distinctive pieces into a property’s design can enhance the décor, feel and ambiance of a hotel – regardless of its classification: luxury or budget.

Because of the rise of a new population of travelers seeking temporary accommodations, hotels are considering how they can relate more to these young professionals who are said to want to hit two birds with one stone. In order for them to market their hotels to this age cohort, they integrated art and experience can be found within the comforts of their hotels.

Some hotels are already starting to take things a step further in incorporating in house art offerings with experience. Many start their art programs and host their own exhibits, shows, seminars and meet and greets with various artists. Hands on workshops and musical performances are also included in their monthly activities, which is inviting to their target market. Hotels who acquire artworks also try to make it dynamic by changing their displays per month or so, giving their guests something different to look forward to.

Hotels are also growing to be places for cultural exchanges as they start to focus on locally produced art that depicts tradition and history, made by the local artists themselves. Art is not just limited to paintings and sculptures, but also modern artwork realized through a variety of materials.

These pieces not only provide a new experience for the guests themselves but exposure for the artist and the culture they represent and find identity with. Art transforms hotels not only into mere artsy spaces, but gives it a deeper meaning of learning and experience.

Many hotels take advantage of the benefits of this trend by starting their own art collection inside their properties. Be it on their lobbies to delegating specific rooms to host their would-be galleries. Hoteliers and owners acquire the services of art curators and art consultants in their newest venture of buying artworks to potentially increase their revenue.

Thanks to today’s technology and proven impact of social media, many hotels actually benefit from the exposure and free publicity from the internet by guests. In turn, more readers would turn into curious customers and eventually be a guest in their hotels as well.

The world’s biggest art collection in hotels receive the spotlight through the social media and other articles online, which is one of the most effective marketing strategy there is today. These hotels know how to capitalize on the magic of visuals—through the art they have in their hotels, to the photos they share online.

According to studies, travelers pick the hotels they choose to stay at through the publicity: magazine features, blogs or even appearances in TV. If their hotel is extraordinary, or offers something new, the probability of it being featured is bigger and the chances of many people learning about them becomes higher.