Dedicated to improving engagement between hoteliers and their non-desk workers via its award-winning operational communication platform, Beekeeper earns high marks for its employee satisfaction and vendor culture

San Francisco, Jan. 14, 2019 — Coming on the heels of a widely-successful 2018, Beekeeper was named among the “Top 10 Best Places to Work in Hotel Tech 2019” by Hotel Tech Report. The award recognizes technology companies with an exemplary vision, mission and team and that helps fast track diligence for hotel tech buyers who want to learn about the best vendors to work with.

According to the ratings and reviews group, “creating a great work environment is the single biggest determinant of success for any business. Companies that foster great work environments attract the best people and the best people build the best products.”

Beekeeper was ranked on the following criteria:

  • Work-life balance
  • Personal development of employees
  • Gender equality
  • Employee confidence in the future of the company
  • Values alignment with the culture of the organization
  • Employee engagement and how passionate employees are about the company
  • Growth prospects and opportunities for internal advancement

“We are elated that our employees consider Beekeeper an outstanding place to work,” said Connie Rheams, Beekeeper Vice President Hospitality. “It’s fitting that we earned this recognition because Beekeeper was built with the sole purpose of connecting employers and employees through technology. We understand that businesses struggle with employee engagement due to a lack of high-quality, engaging tools for internal communication. Therefore, we built an operational communication platform that ensures employer/employee engagement, makes employees happy, and keeps them wanting to come to work day after day.

“Beekeeper couldn’t develop the best employee app in the industry if it wasn’t the best employer in its own right,” Rheams said. “Not only do we help hoteliers and their non-desk workers to exchange information, share property updates, and communicate best practices within or across departments in 30 languages, but we use it ourselves as a team app, employee portal, group messaging app, and workforce platform. On behalf of co-founders Cris Grossman, CEO, and Flavio Pfaffhauser, CTO, we want to thank our employees for their recognition of our commitment to making Beekeeper a great place to work, and we commend them for their dedication to improving employer/employee engagement for businesses around the world.”

The Beekeeper culture is built on the following five principles:

  • BEE Brave — Every time we fail, we have a new opportunity to learn. Getting it wrong is a great way to find out if what you thought you knew was correct. If we keep learning and moving forward, then we’re doing it right.
  • BEE Open — We are open to new ideas, constructive feedback, and different perspectives. These are the best drivers of innovation; they help us find the best solutions and propel us forward to continually improve.
  • Bring out the Best in Each Other — We believe in the power, potential, and value of every. single. employee. Especially for our own team here at Beekeeper. It’s important to work together, bee positive and inspire each other because we succeed when our team does.
  • Keep IT Simple — This means not getting lost in processes, hypotheticals, and theories. It means making small changes and trying things out to see if they work before spending more time on a project that might not have the results we expect.
  • BEE Proactive — By definition, this means influence situations by making things happen rather than waiting and reacting after.

Beekeeper is currently looking for bright, bold talent to build and sell the digital workplace of the future. For more information on joining the Beekeeper team, click here.

In 2018, Beekeeper was named “Most Innovative Technology of 2018” by Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG); voted “People’s Choice” at HITEC® Houston 2018 as part of the Entrepreneur 20X Competition hosted by Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP); and earned the “Most Innovative Hotel Technology” 2018 designation during the Tech Pitch at HX: The Hotel Experience. It was named the 59th Fastest Growing Company in 2018 by SaaS 1000, and raised an additional $13 million in funding as a part of its Series A extension round to invest in hospitality market growth.