NEW cloud-based, two-way communication platform will extend to guests’ mobile phones;
Solution offers language translation on the fly and can easily replace all in-room equipment

Ottawa, Ontario April 4, 2023 – More people are working and learning from home than ever before, and as such they have become dependent on tablet computers to engage with the world and be entertained. Ready to travel, these #WorkFromAnywhere individuals expect tablets to be part of their journeys. Hotel Communication Network (HCN) has re-engineered its in-room Navigator tablets to give guests more control over how they experience the hotel and engage with staff. The NEW Navigator 2.0 tablet solution – featuring real-time language translation – makes two-way communication effortless and operators can easily update and self-manage content as often as needed throughout the day.

“Navigator 2.0 is a rich, modern approach to guest engagement and revenue enhancement,” said Kevin Bidner, HCN President. “The cloud-based platform is built on the latest technology stack leapfrogging traditional guest-facing tablet solutions. Our Netflix-inspired user interface appeals to the masses, and the look of the content is compelling and draws people in to click around, discover on-premises services and amenities, and spend more money on site. This familiar navigation style makes it very easy for anyone to find the information they need in any language the hotel chooses to provide. Operators can make changes on the back end with just a few clicks and content is automatically updated to the tablets. This new buildout hits the sweet spot in affordability, functionality, and engagement.”

Navigator 2.0 has an elegant look with the tablet set on a Bluetooth pairable speaker base. The unit’s high-quality sound, USB A&C charging points, and stunning HD graphics give guests a user experience they are comfortable with and appreciate. The speaker base also serves as a voice assistant, enabling guests to request services and amenities, report problems, plus control lights, thermostat, blinds and even the TV by voice command.

All-In-One Device Cuts Costs, Drives Revenues

Navigator 2.0 is a smart way to replace in-room equipment — phone, TV remote, clock/radio — with the functionality of those devices built into the tablet. This not only improves the guest experience, but it removes clutter and save on CapEx costs. For example, hotels can replace the clunky old clock-radio with HCN’s configurable night-mode and alarm clock with great visuals, wake-up alarm, sleep assist sounds like white noise and ocean, or even a bed-time story.

The platform facilitates personalized in-room messaging, dynamic alerts (reaching all guests or targetable by floor, room range, group code or wing exposure), room service ordering from local restaurants delivered direct to guests and managed by HCN (DineIN), request fulfilment, digital tipping, group business/event communication (EventLink), guest-stay survey deployment, housekeeping preference and optimization (Guest Choice), interactive city guides, early/late check out, and customizable alarm clock with guest adjustments (including brightness and minimal visuals, white noise sleep sound, and the ability to schedule wake-up calls and turn on/off night-mode).

“Navigator 2.0 will quickly become a hotel’s newest source of revenue and cost reduction,” Bidner said. “For example, DineIN has proven to increase revenues by 20% to 30% (a net gain above $10 per room per month in incremental revenue from f&b upsell opportunities) while Guest Choice reduces labor costs by 5% (between $15 – $30 per room) with each opt-out of room cleaning. Also, digitalizing the compendium saves printing costs while digital marketing earns thousands of dollars in advertising, spa, golf, tours, extended stays/late check-out fees, rebooking, and group branding and sponsorships. More importantly, the device enables brands to drive membership in their loyalty programs and increase mobile app use.”

Coming Soon . . .

Later this year, hoteliers can push Navigator 2.0 content to guests’ cell phones for property and citywide access. This functionality will enable guests to order a meal, schedule housekeeping services, or find events to take part in while out of their rooms or off premises. This will add convenience to the guest experience and cut down operating expenses. A new phone interface through the tablet will also be introduced later this year that will enable hoteliers to replace all guestroom phones.