Hoperator Launches Messaging Guest Relations Manager

/Hoperator Launches Messaging Guest Relations Manager

Hoperator Launches Messaging Guest Relations Manager

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Hoperator combines live chat and guest messaging for independently owned travel and hospitality businesses. Hoperator’s co-founders Michael Foltz and Chris Douglas noticed that OTA’s (online travel agencies) dominate paid and organic search, and many independent businesses lack the financial resources and technical knowledge to market themselves competitively. Hoperator gives these businesses an edge by helping them utilize their key differentiator; their own customer service. Besides simplifying the booking process by bringing it directly into chat, Hoperator connects guests with staff throughout their stay, creating a virtual, on-demand concierge. Through seamless Facebook and Google integration, businesses can easily create guest itineraries by recommending places, events, and activities.p

Research shows 40% of bookings now come from mobile, which will only continue to increase. The average consumer already spends five hours a day on their mobile device. With Hoperator, not only can website visitors speak with staff and book through live chat easily on their mobile devices, but the platform serves as a direct messaging platform which connects staff and guests throughout their stay.p

Live chat and social messaging is an evolving trend which will continue to be popular for the foreseeable future. Consumers find live chat and social messaging easy to use, and strongly prefer it to other modes of communication; live chat has a 73% satisfaction rate compared to email’s 61% and the phone’s 44%. The naturally tech-savvy Generation Z is already more than one-sixth of the world’s population, and in five years they’ll be 40 percent of the U.S. population. By 2020 they will have more than $44 billion in spending power and will require ecommerce experiences which reflect their preferred mode of communication.

Foltz says, “The challenge with travelers is that everyone has different interests that aren’t adequately covered by guidebooks or online travel resources. So inevitably, guests talk to the staff and get personalized recommendations based on the interests they share. Staff members, with their ability to share their local expertise and connect personally with travelers, is arguably any travel business’s most valuable asset.”

Hoperator is offering their Express product at a 50% discount through August. To sign up, visit the Hoperator website.

Hoperator’s founders have roots in travel and software development. Prior to Hoperator, Foltz co-owned the Stranger Hostel in Krakow, Poland, a Lonely Planet Blue List Recipient as one of the top 10 hippest hostels in the world. Douglas created the social gaming platform Postactive for the experiential agency Switch.

Hoperator started in December of 2015 when it earned $250,000 in Angel Investment to build the prototype. It went into beta in October of 2016 with a handful of hostels and hotels located in and aournd Venice, Italy. In late March of 2017 the company acquired $1M in Series A funding from St. Louis-based, AI software company, Veteran Technology Group.

For Hoperator’s future plans, Douglas says, “aside from partnership integrations and more robust analytics, we’re working on developing our AI, we’re adding integrations with Facebook Messenger, skype, SMS, email, etc. so that businesses can use Hoperator to manage all of their communication channels. We’re also working with a partner to allow a business to chat with visitors on an OTA’s website.”


About Hoperator

Hoperator is a real-time guest relations manager that combines live chat and guest messaging to help travel and hospitality businesses increase conversions and guest retention. Hoperator simplifies booking and allows your staff to provide value through guest engagement prior to, during and after their stay.

Contact: Chris Douglas

[email protected]/6365440724

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