Guests on Property Can Post More than 200 Times per Day According to Local Measure, Whose Social Intelligence Platform Empowers Hotels to Drive Customer Loyalty

New York – 29 November 2016 –Research from Local Measure, the leading location-based social platform for hotels and the tourism industry, found that guest’s social media posts – via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Weibo – can total more than 200 a day, providing a hotel with valuable guest profile, data and preference information unavailable anywhere else.

Marshalling that data, understanding it and using it as a basis for guest interaction, can build loyalty, positive guest engagement and higher ADR in ways that were impossible prior to the proliferation of online social media communication.

Case in point, Local Measure found that 4,946 people posted 6,976 times from within the Plaza Hotel in NYC in March, 2016, and “checked-in” 27,845 times. Using its unique location-based technology, Local Measure analyzed the posts – all of which were in the public domain, and found, for example, that 7% of the posts mentioned food – and that the Plaza’s afternoon tea was among the most photographed food at the hotel. It also identified the guest that posted most frequently, which online communicator was most influential on social networks . . . and which one posted the most content.

Using this kind of information, hotels are able to spot guest problems and negative reviews before they reach TripAdvisor; let property management correct the problems, and often, create surprised, delighted guests.

“At one of our partner properties earlier this month, a guest shared an Instagram post from the hotel’s iconic bar, tagging the hotel in the post and indicating that she was celebrating her 21st birthday with a friend,” said Jonathan Barouch, Local Measure’s Founder and CEO. “We passed that information back to the hotel, and within minutes, he had a birthday cake delivered to the guest – which inspired her to tweet her amazing experience to thousands of followers.”

He concluded, “Social media is the present reality of on-property communication, and the future of hotel guest service. We are delighted to work with hundreds of hotel groups around the world to help them build loyalty and guest engagement in new and valuable ways.”

Local Measure’s location-based technology is tailor-made for hotels, providing end to end product features to promote gathering accurate, real-time intelligence. It is fully automated, easy to integrate, and low cost – helping hotels connect and engage with guests and deliver a fully personalized guest experience at scale.

Among others, Local Measure partners with Accor Hotels, Virgin Hotels, Hard Rock Hotels and Dubai Tourism.

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