Affordable Solution to Generate Revenue from VOD

Calgary, Alberta – June 13, 2019 – GuestTek Interactive Entertainment Ltd., the global leader of end-to-end hospitality technology solutions, has launched GuestFlix – its new cloud-streaming video on demand app, which the company will debut at HITEC Minneapolis.

There are two main benefits of GuestFlix: No up-front capital expenditure and the opportunity for revenue generation from VOD. The secure cloud-based platform means that there is no requirement for an on-premise VOD server, set top boxes or licensing fees. The platform also enables hoteliers to generate revenue from their video on demand service and gives current GuestTek MVP-enabled properties the opportunity to offer VOD.

With its modern and simplified user interface, GuestFlix enables hotel guests to seamlessly and securely access first-run Hollywood films, plus an extended library of viewer-favorite classics and kids’ content instantly streamed to their hotel TV.

Arnon Levy, CEO is excited to roll out the new technology. “We developed GuestFlix as an affordable and reliable VOD service to meet the ever-changing market demands in the hospitality industry,” he stated. “Innovation is at our very core – whether it applies to our industry-leading products or developing new business models to provide our world-class technology solutions at a greater ROI for our customers. GuestFlix is just the beginning.”

To learn more about GuestFlix, visit or visit GuestTek at Booth 2219 at HITEC June 18 – 20th at the Minneapolis Convention Center.