The New Beachfront Bahamian Resort Invests in Innovative, Customizable Solutions to Help Staff Personalize and Cater to Needs of Guests and Residents

ALPHARETTA, GA — APRIL 4, 2023 — The luxury travel market size is expected to grow considerably between 2022 and 2029. A recent article in Forbes indicates luxury travelers are trending toward longer lengths of stay, higher average orders and increases in the booking window.

To fulfill guest expectations and provide an exceptional experience across the entire guest journey, the Goldwynn Resort & Residences, an 81-room oceanfront lifestyle resort on Cable Beach in Nassau, Bahamas, has invested in hospitality technology needed to deliver the kind of upscale, seaside experience guests and residents are looking for in a destination resort. The company sought a vendor partner who could provide the right property management system (PMS) and point-of-sale (POS) technology, along with solutions for its condominium concept.

This boutique property which opened February 2023, chose award-winning PMS and POS solutions which are part of the Agilysys Hospitality Cloud. Agilysys, Inc. (Nasdaq: AGYS) is a leading global provider of next-generation SaaS hospitality software solutions and services that empower hospitality operators like Goldwynn Resort & Residences to optimize Return on Experience (ROE) for guests and staff to achieve High Return Hospitality. ROE measures how technology creates more engaged and empowered staff members as well as guests who return more often, spend more and leave stronger reviews.

After seeing how intuitive and easy-to-use Agilysys PMS was for their staff, the company also selected the recent POS InfoGenesis system version from Agilysys, which combines highly interactive terminal and tablet touchscreen applications supporting Windows, Android and iOS devices. Its robust reporting and analysis features, extensive enterprise-grade menu and item configuration capabilities and multi-language support help drive service flexibility and increase operational efficiency. The result is improved food & beverage (F&B) operations and increased revenue across venues.

Goldwynn Resort & Residences also chose Agilysys’ commission-free, direct-channel, easy-to-use reservation system that helps move guests effortlessly through the booking process.

Goldwynn Resort & Residences provides guests and residents a sleek, private sanctuary, fine dining and lounges, an infinity pool, a full-service spa, a state-of-the-art fitness center and personalized, attentive butler service. The property offers studios, one-, two- and three-bedroom suites with golf course or ocean views – a haven that allows guests and owners to unwind, rejuvenate, relax and rediscover their passions.

“A successful, well-known luxury casino resort in the Bahamas already using Agilysys hospitality solutions was one of the determining factors in our search for the best technology for Goldwynn Resort & Residences,” said the property’s COO, Donald Adam. “We chose Agilysys because of its reputation in the hospitality industry for providing properties with modern, easy-to-use solutions that have already helped staff with advanced sales prior to opening and will enable owner and occupancy rotation and balanced ownership bookings. Agilysys will be key to us delivering end-to-end High Return Hospitality.”

“On an island dotted with iconic resorts, the newest luxury property in the Bahamas knows it must set the bar high for guest and staff experiences since every touchpoint creates a champion or a critic – with guest, owners and staff,” said Jeba Kingsley, Vice President, Professional Services at Agilysys. “Doing so enables Goldwynn Resort & Residences to spend more time with guests and offer more personalized and profitable experiences. We are proud of this project and are looking forward to partner with such an incredible organization.”