Ham Yard Hotel in London and Crosby Street Hotel in New York providing charging for all smartphones, tablets, fitness bands, cameras and headphones in public spaces and meeting rooms

[Jericho, NYApril 29, 2016] Firmdale Hotels operates with the philosophy that hotels should be living things, not stuffy institutions. Whatever guests want, Firmdale Hotels delivers. With mobile device charging on traveler’s growing lists of demands, the U.K.-based ownership and management group comprised of nine luxury boutique hotels in London and New York now features the KS Portable™ from Kube Systems at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York and the Ham Yard Hotel in London. Kubes are available from the concierge at no cost for use in public spaces, including restaurants, bars and meeting rooms.

The KS Portable™ (also known as Kube 5) is a docking station housing five portable chargers. Each of the five portable charging Kubes features three built-in connectors, two USB ports and comes with Qi wireless charging that enables guests to simply rest or “drop and charge” their mobile devices on top of the Qi charging pad, located on the top of each Kube. Guests can power up to six mobile devices simultaneously; all smartphones and tablets are compatible, plus fitness bands, cameras and headphones. Each portable Kube has an 18,000 mAh battery that charges at a speed comparable to wall outlets, and provides up to nine hours of phone charge time.

“Our guests are absolutely ‘wowed’ by the KS Portable™,” said Mark Rupert Read, Firmdale Hotels Director of IT. “Because we place customer service above all else, we are always anticipating what our customers will be asking for next, and then we deliver on those expectations. For some travelers, WiFi is more important than running water, and as such, I sincerely believe that mobile device charging is – or soon will be – among our guests’ Top 3 requirements.

“We chose the KS Portable™ for our Ham Yard Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel for three reasons,” Read said. “First, we like the design and system’s capability of charging multiple units at one time. Second, we like being able to set the duration of charging time; this means each charging Kube is always powered and ready go. Third, the charging cables can be easily replaced and updated whenever the mobile manufacturers decide to change their design; this makes the KS Portable™ a smart investment.”

Check It Out The KS Portable™ is only available as a set of five portable units and a recharging tray. Kubes can be strategically placed in high-traffic public areas or they can be made available individually to guests. Checking out a Kube is as easy as slipping the guest’s room key, credit card or ID into the adjoining slot. Each Kube can be programmed with a variable timeout function to limit user time and avoid power squatting.

The five-unit recharging tray is the only way to charge a Kube unit. To drive incremental revenues, hoteliers can rent Kubes to individual guests or make them available as part of a meetings package. Event planners can offer them to speakers, VIPs or attendees upon request. Kubes can also be customized with property or brand logos.

“We are delighted that Firmdale Hotels is successfully exceeding the needs of its customers with the KS Portable™,” said Dave Weinstein, Kube Systems Vice President. “Overnight guests and local patrons of the Ham Yard Hotel and Crosby Street Hotel love being powered and staying connected. This gives each hotel a positive image and it showcases Firmdale Hotels’ commitment to customer service. In a world of virtual offices, people are constantly on the move, and business meetings are taking place remotely at all hours of the day. Firmdale Hotels is bringing ‘Power to the People’ by providing quick charging for all devices, anywhere, anytime.

“Many European luxury hotels, particularly those in heritage buildings, have a restricted number of electrical sockets,” Weinstein added. “The KS Portable™ is resolving the logistical socket/charging problem in public areas once and for all.”

Hotels in Europe interested in learning more about the KS Portable™ should email Peta Austin, Airwave Business Development Manager, at [email protected] or visit http://www.airwave.tv. Hotels outside of Europe can email Dave Weinstein at [email protected] or visit http://www.KubeSystems.com.